Tuesday, July 1, 2014

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We had a Home Depot?  j/k

If you were near the corner of Palomar and Central today around 6:30PM you probably heard the peal of the bell that sits on the Wildomar Elementary campus. Happy Birthday/Happy Anniversary.


After the crowd gathered, Council Member Bob Cashman spoke for a few moments about the bell and the history behind it.

  • It weighs 640 pounds. 
  • The bell is made of cast iron
  • It had to be lifted about 40 feet in the air to be installed in the belfry. They built a structure next to the tower, and along with a crane, got it up to a platform and then slid it across to a structure that resembles the existing one, that was atop of the old school.
  • The bell used to be rung at the beginning of school. It alerted the students to line up for class. The bell was also rung at recess, the end of recess and at the end of the school day
  • There are two time capsules under the Bell to be opened in 2058.

  • Watch the short video to hear how the bell sounds.

    A lot of people rang the bell, especially from the younger crowd. A memory that will last a lifetime to be sure.


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