Saturday, June 28, 2014

• Eagle Court of Honor in Wildomar

I was honored to be invited to Boy Scout Eagle Court of Honor.

It was the ceremony where Mike Ames and Riley Olson, of troop 332,  officially became Eagle Scouts.

The Emcee was Stewart Moore and he really did a bang up job throughout. The man is a natural entertainer.

There was a lot of pageantry throughout the evening. 

The official opening, the pledge of allegiance, an opening prayer, the scout oath then the scout law.

There was something called the "Eagles Nest" where all the Eagle Scouts in attendance came to the stage.

It was pretty inspiring to see a man that made Eagle Scout, back in 1956, go up there. He didn't look old enough to have reached the rank of Eagle Scout 58 years ago... he must have completed it before he was five. j/k

There were certificates presented by County Supervisor Kevin Jeffries. There were also several more certificates from local politicians in absentia including Melissa Melendez and Ken Calvert.

Then there was a slide show that followed Mike and Riley from when they were in first grade through this year's Eagle Projects. Though I only met the fellas this Spring, I really enjoyed the slide show, watching all the activities the pair had partaken in over the last decade plus.

Wildomar would be lucky if either of these two settle down here after they are finished with their schooling. Both will be great community leaders wherever they choose to call home.

Again I want to thank those that included me among the guests. I truly feel blessed to be part of the community. Having been warmly greeted by many that were there, and personally welcomed by both of the new Eagle Scouts by name. It's great to have been a small part of their projects.

↔↔ ↔↔ ↔↔ ↔↔ ↔↔ ↔↔ ↔↔ ↔↔ ↔↔ ↔↔ 

Wildomar Rap has been know to help old people across the street. Scouts honor. ☺

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