Monday, August 25, 2014

• credibility

    • the quality of being trusted and believed in.
      "the out of town blog's credibility has been hammered once again by making more outlandish claims."
      synonyms:trustworthiness, reliability, dependability, integrityMore

      • the quality of being convincing or believable.
        "the out of town blog's anecdotes have scant regard for credibility"
        synonyms:plausibility, believability, tenability, probabilityfeasibilitylikelihood,credence;

Without credibility, a person is sunk. 

"Great," you're saying... I haven't bothered with sophomore vocabulary since... well... since I was a sophomore. What's this topic about?

It being election season and all, noise levels are beginning to rise... even in our small city. Though the only discernible noise seems to be coming from 27 miles due east. (hint: the new location of an infamous blogger that has stalked Wildomar with unmatched relentlessness for years).

I have a real question for those that have had the dismal misfortune of catching the acts of the local hate bloggers since they first slithered ashore.

Has "Zak" ever been a straight shooter?

Has he always come with the same predictable tripe?

He is so formulaic.

I'd love to see an assembly of his ardent followers. 
I'm thinking it would resemble an old movie from the '30s.

Back to the topic of credibility.

So, despite the fact that Señor Poison Pen has been living far from Wildomar since the first of the year, his unabated loathing for this city keeps pumping the bile out around the clock. I guess he needs an outlet for it, so he continues to post about our city, and now about the coming election.

Gee, we're all on pins and needles awaiting his every pronouncement.

Of course he is endorsing both challengers. Just as he endorses the lawsuits that have long plagued this city. Like I said, he is tediously predictable, so everyone one of us saw that pitch coming —as if it were a beach ball on a tee. No wonder why he keeps his comments shut off. If he actually engaged people, instead of sniping from the peanut gallery, he'd get disrobed more times than Charlie Brown does.

I wonder if CB writes a nasty blog about an adjacent city too?
If he does, I bet he also keeps the comments shut off.

So, other than his long history of being off base, what makes this worth mentioning here?

He's been on a tear of late. Trying, yet again, to tarnish the city council with half truths, especially those running for reelection. Conversely, attempting to pump up the "leadership qualities" (cough) of candidate Gary Andre. Of course he never mentions any of Mr. Andres numerous glaring weak spots that would make him an atrocious selection for the city council. All he wants is one of the old guard in there, no matter how poor of a choice it would be.

* * * * * * * * *

Let's use the example of a used car to see what it looks like when you only tout the positive, while doing your best to shield the negative.

C'mon, you can trust me.
 Salesman from Hemet: This beauty seats seven; it was used by a the local convent to bring the infirm to church; never driven more than 100 miles a month; it recently had new tires and wiper blades put on it; it is a classic car that has been in town for decades.

potential buyer opens the hood.

 Experienced Wildomar Voter: Hey buddy, there ain't no engine in here.

 Salesman from Hemet: Eh, a mere technicality.

The writer of the blog being discussed here is no better than a classic, 1950's era used car salesman. Hey, that isn't a slam... entirely that is. Those guys knew how to ply their trade, and were successful. Same here, he knows what he's doing, and he loves knowing how many he can fish in.

Here is another tidbit to look at.

He lifted a question from a facebook page that is dedicated to the coming Candidate Forum. He contends that it was directed at Gary Andre, as if that were a bad thing, though it was asked of all of the candidates. Here is the quote from the blog:

"Since Gary Andre has been physically disabled for a long period of time, the following question is disingenuously posed, “Have any of you ever had, or do any of you currently have any mental… health issues, drug or alcohol addiction? Do any of you currently take painkiller medication on a daily, or regular, basis that could potentially interfere in making sound decisions?” should only be perceived by most rational voters as an unwarranted intrusion into Andre’s personal medical history."

That's one way to look at it I guess. But another way to look at it is —do we want someone up on the dais that is under the influence of pain medication? It's not a slam on him if he is. My wife hurt her back in January, and is only just now getting healthy enough to return to work. She's been on a few different pain meds and she can tell you first hand, as can I, that her memory gets affected. 

I've watched Gary Andre speak at city hall many times, I've also spoken to him several times. He's made many good points on certain topics. I heard him remind the Parks Sub-Committee last year, that the ground in October is very hard, and it will be next to impossible for volunteers to plant trees [on the Great Day of Service]. 

He also made some solid points about the grass at Marna as they were doing the hydroseeding. Credit where credit is due, there isn't a single person that would give the current turf at Marna a glowing report. It's choked by weeds and something needs to be done about it.

He's also worked for the trails in Wildomar and Riverside County.

Gary, thanks for the time you've put in.

Like I've said before, "Nice enough fellow" but that doesn't make him qualified to be one of our five city council members. I'm not saying that because of his views that I don't share, I'm saying that because of the entire package that comprises the candidate. Including his well known pugnacious tendencies.

If you haven't had a chance to meet Gary Andre, this is a small slice from back in April at a city council meeting. The sound is a bit iffy, but it'll give you glimpse of the man.

* * * * * * * * *

Now let's examine the views, from that same blog, on newcomer Israel Leija and his bid to be a city council member.

"I’ve never met this candidate, and have no context with which to comment on his ballot statement... It appears that Israel has professional and life experience  equal to any of the three incumbents  and is worthy of your consideration for his successful efforts to become a candidate with commendable stated goals."

And he throws around words like "paranoia" and "fear"?  As if any serious candidate would be in a swivet because there is an election ahead. Just more from the crowd that habitually abuses hyperbole and relies on distortions since their actual points don't resonate with more than a few disgruntled people that forgot how to get along with others.

Ok, let's parse the quote.

He's never met the man, and all he knows of him is what he read in a "candidate" statement.

If this were a studio audience we wouldn't need laughter and applause signs. 

Though he admittedly knows nothing about the candidate, he's ready to conclude that he "has professional and life experience equal to any of the three incumbents".

Are you serious?

...and I bet you're hungry enough to eat the entire Budweiser team of Clydesdales too. Enough of the mindless exaggerations for once in your life.

I don't care if you like or dislike Marsha Swanson, Tim Walker or Ben Benoit. To ignore reality and then blithely suggest that Mr. Leija's experience level is anywhere near on par with the others —people that have been active in the community for years— is beyond that of the dullest witted out there.

It only shows the disdain he must have for his readers, as if assuming that they are so intellectually lazy that they would just gobble up his words, like they were coming from on high. Then again, they are his readers and he ought to know.

Oh wait, time for me to predict what Zak will do next.

He'll proclaim that I wrote this as a diversion, because of the ever gripping, and insurmountable consternation, that one of the two challengers is bringing in their wake among the other candidates (or some other such nonsense).

Yep, dats gotta be it... or it could be that there are no credible challengers in this race... no offense Israel. As for those that might like to see a different face up there; they have no real alternatives.

Hey likely voters.

Some of you may want to vote the incumbents out, but you'd better have a competent replacement in mind (which there aren't any in this election cycle). City business shouldn't be such a joke to you, that you'd put any warm body up in one of those chairs. This isn't a high school popularity contest, no matter what the out of town bloggers may suggest.

I still haven't met candidate Leija, but plan to at the Candidate Forum that is scheduled for Tuesday, September 23rd at Elsinore High School, unless he comes to a city meeting first. 

I'll ask him how he feels about being endorsed by the blogger in question. Any serious candidate would disavow any direct or implied endorsement from that source. First, who would want to be associated with it, or the small crowd that sings its praises? Second, it's not like he has an inspiring track record when it comes to Wildomar elections and those he backs. Remember, without credibility, what's the point?

♫ ♪ Oh what fun... it is to blog... in an election year in a small town. ♫ ♪



  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. I've heard about how relentless that the blogger was when he was in town. That he would always jump to the ad hominem card and say the nastiest things about people (I've seen bits of it, and can see why he wasn't liked here). By all means, you can do that to if you want to (he's certainly asked for it), but relying on facts makes a person's point much stronger.

    2. I thought you were more fair with Andre and what he has done than I would be. Especially when one considers the negatives he has done to the city. I liken him and all the cantankerotti to a blind guy playing darts-statistically he is bound to hit the board every so often, that doesn't make him a good dart player. They occasionally say something that makes sense..but it is almost by accident since they kvetch about everything! This was a ROTFLMAO blog. Ty. Sheila

    3. Sheila, Good points... oh, and I think you've infringed on LER's trademark (ROTHFLMAO).

  2. So how fricken stupid do you need to be to run if you a recovering coke head with multiple brain surgery and a need for daily pain meds? I suppose the only thing dumber then agent oranges endorsement of mental health candidate Andre is the one for the indigent and unemployed guy that thinks the city council pay like a full time job. Isreal should really worry about getting a job and not faking that he actually lives in the city. He gives his mommy and daddy's addy in da farm as his residence but nobody has seen him living there at this time. I am not sure if he meant to pull nomination papers or welfare papers. I think we should ask him.

  3. this is pure nonsense!

    1. Feel free to elucidate. Unless you consider the call for clarification some form of baiting.

    2. Notice how the cantankerotti avoid all places where their viewpoints might be exposed for lies? Kenny gets ripped every time he comments on wildomar rap. They troll the patch, where they can huff and puff, post as if they are moses speaking from on high and get comments deleted by crying or they lecture on an fb group and then whine about being attacked or baited. The fav though is to write a blog with no comments on. Then to request comments be emailed. Those emails then get edited and used in blog without any chance of a back and forth dialogue. Talk about cowardly!

  4. I am curious; what is pure nonsense? Because everything in the blog above is true. "Zak" is an evil little man who takes pleasure in treating upstanding citizens like gum on the bottom of his shoe. The majority of Wildomarians seem pretty happy to have him gone, yet he just won't stay in his trailer. He endorses the village idiot and someone no one knows, just to be contrary. He needs to stay in his pay grade and fade into the Hemet woodwork.

  5. Well he was like an E-3 from what I read when Agent Orange was an active duty mailman in the Navy... So his pay grade is that of most 17-19 yr olds... nuff said...

  6. I was an E5 (Second Class) at 19. Don't drag 19 year olds down with Gil. DUG

  7. This is just more city insider propaganda. It just proves to me that the incumbents are worried about losing control of their little fiefdom.

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. Fiefdom? The use of that word reveals much more about the cantankerotti than it does our current council members. No wonder the cantankerotti are pouting over lost elections(reelections) or being on a cemetery district committee- they thought they had power! Lol now lawsuits are the only way they have power.


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