Saturday, August 23, 2014

• What's Happening and a "Dust Up at Annie's Cafe"

Press Release:
Coffee with a Cop Wildomar

On Wednesday, September 17th, 2014, from 9am to 11am, the Riverside Sheriff’s Department’s Lake Elsinore Station will host Coffee with a Cop . 

The event will be held at the Starbucks Coffee at 32080 Clinton Keith Road, in the city of Wildomar. 

—The Starbucks on the west side of the 15—

 Deputies from the Wildomar Police Department and community members will come together in an informal, neutral space to discuss community issues, build relationships, and drink coffee. All members of the Wildomar community are invited to attend.

Out and About:
Chat with a Resident Near a Park
While out walking my two dogs I had the occasion to bump into Monty Goddard, he lives near Windsong Park and is on the Measure Z Oversight Committee. He was relating to me the events of a late night in July where two cars full of revelers showed up near midnight, hopped the fence to the park, and partied until 3am.

He promptly called the police, and sent emails to all five members of the city council about it. An hour later, with the party still going on as it had been, he called the police again, but was told it was a "low priority call" and would have to be patient... he also sent another email to the council —a bit more pointed this time.

At one point near 2am, one of the two carloads of youth left, but that didn't end the noise.

Have you ever noticed that voices travel well in the middle of the night? Yeah, me too... and if you are speaking at a normal voice, appropriate for 2:00 in the afternoon, it sounds like shouting at 2:00 in the morning. 

Compound drunk people in the middle of the night, with Summer heat (people sleeping with windows opened) and you can see where troubles would arise. He was relating to me the slurred words of a female in the park, "I can't drink anymore vodka I have a class at 8am."

So, if I'm remembering the story correctly, at 3am he called again, a little less cheerful than before, and asked for a callback from the responding deputy. The other car left before the police arrived, but as it did head out of the neighborhood, a police car followed them out.

Still, no citations were written. There can't be a sane person out there, not even my friend Sheila Urlaub, that would think this kind of thing should be permissible. If we don't have a Zero Tolerance policy for such things, then I think it makes sense to implement one.

He finally did get a call back at 3:30am, and Bridgette Moore was the only one to return any of his emails. 

Pencils Ready:
Things To Put On Your Calendar
Movie in the Park: TONIGHT Saturday August 23, from 6pm-10pm. The movie is Disney-Pixar's Cars. The snack bar will be open and serving hot dogs, chips, popcorn, hot chocolate, coffee. It will be manned by Troop 332. Put them boys to work!

Monday August 25, 2014 Parks Subcommittee Meeting at City Hall. If you have concerns about the parks, this is your chance to speak directly to those in charge of them.

Saturday September 6th, from 7am - 9am: Coffee & Cars. I'm not sure what this one is... I'm thinking that non-gearheads are invited too. I guess I can show up in my 1970 VW Bug... the question will be: Should I wash it first?

Saturday September 13th, from 10am to 2pm at Marna O'Brien Park there is a Bicycle Safety Event. The flyer says, "Children of all ages" are invited to this FREE event. Hey, I'm almost 50 years old, and I'm not a kid... but everyone is invited. Let's cause a traffic jam with more people than Marna can handle at once —deal?
No offense to the fine sponsors of this event, but I had to cut that part of the flyer out for space considerations.

Let's not forget the item at the top of the page: Coffee with a CopWednesday, September 17th, 2014, from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM at the Starbucks on the west side of the Freeway.

Astronomy Night Star Party Saturday September 20th, 6pm-10pm. The first Astronomy Night was great, if you didn't go the first time, I suggest not missing this one. 

There is a Candidate's Forum scheduled for 6:30pm on Tuesday September 23rd, at Elsinore High School. All five candidates have RSVPed. It is being hosted by the Wildomar Chamber of Commerce and the moderator is slated to be LEUSD Board member Tom Thomas. A facebook page has been created to field questions from the public that may be used. 

What, what, WHAT??
Dust Up at Annie's Cafe

So a little bird left a bug in my ear about something juicy.

Since I haven't spoken directly to either of the two parties involved I will leave out names. Allegedly a certain Wildomar City Council candidate was campaigning at Annie's Cafe while other people were trying to enjoy a meal between songs and dances there. (if you've never been to Annie's be sure to ask if you can wear one of their funny hats when you do). Now back to the story.

I will blur the candidate in question because it seems like the right thing to do.

I like horseys too.

So this candidate, not the new comer that no one has met and not any of the incumbents —you do the math, was trolling about handing out fliers asking for donations.

When an Annie's Cafe regular had had enough, as the story goes, an argument ensued, that had to be "broken up", after she asked him "How dare you run and sue the city at the same time?"

Seems like a legit question to ask.

So let's peruse the recent resume of this candidate here.
  1. Is tight with the group that constantly sues the city.
  2. Didn't finish even a full year of a two year term as Trails Volunteer.
  3. Impersonated a city code enforcement officer.
  4. Argues with potential voters when asked basic questions.
  5. (those are the nice things. The other stuff would burn your ears off.)
The Cantankerotti must be proud of the horse they have in this race. 

It's been my goal to have a sit down with all those running, then write basic "Meet the Candidate" blogs about them.  I've had RSVPs from Leija and the three incumbents. I've been looking to meet up with Andre, to ask if he'd be interested, but he's failed to show up at any city event or meeting for me to do so. I guess I should go have breakfast at Annie's (Lake Elsinore) if I want to meet him, instead of a city event or meeting.

I've never claimed to be a  journalist and I don't pretend to be unbiased, but still, I'm far more fair than anything else you'll read regarding our city. 

When it comes to Gary Andre, he will only get four types of votes

  • The first is from those that don't know his history. 
  • The second is from those that seethe whenever they see a picture of Bridgette Moore. 
  • The third is from people that absolutely will not vote for an incumbent... even if they've been doing their jobs and the challenger would be in WAY over his head.
  • The fourth is from those that do know his shtick and like it.

He will not receive a single vote from people that take Wildomar seriously. Those that would knowingly vote for him —basing their vote on his past— are those that are simply looking for another "no" vote and some contentious city council meetings. 

So, in a way, from the perspective of a spectator and a blogger... it would be good sport if Andre catches lightning in a bottle and wins. 

It won't be good for our city, but it will please the out of town bloggers and activists that still plague our little hamlet.

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  1. In fairness to those who are not on the FB group i will paste my comments here too. Since my name was mentioned in the blog let me make a couple of comments. One- I don't condone parties in the park unless authorized. Two - in what city does one expect city council members to police the park? Sorry but in all my years living here and in temecula back when it was just starting out(I lived in rancho California) I never thought of contacting city council members to report a loud party. I also would love to know how many calls the cops got that night on that party? Was the whole neighborhood up in arms? Or is this another "I know they used my water spigot" claim? Frankly I am leaning towards just putting houses where the park is and letting the neighbor deal with that noise. Certainly we then would have more money to spend on other parks! Sheila (I can't imagine why people think small town city council members- who have regular jobs, and get paid minimally for their work as city council members, are "on-call" 24/7. and honestly a party in the park would be a low level call anywhere unless violence was occurring-so sure zero tolerance. But I also believe in zero tolerance for speeding but I can't tell you the last time I called CHP to report a traffic violator when i have been on the freeway!)

    1. Shiela,
      I have to agree with you that I wouldn't think to email, or call, any of the council members about this either. Certainly not at the moment it was happening. Still, it would be good to get a drive by from the police once a call is made. Our city is small, and what I take from no officer driving by for three hours means that there were no patrols in the vicinity during that time either

      I understand that much of police work is ex post facto, but I think we all want basic patrols too... even if only by private security, which I remember hearing was going to be between 3 and 5 times a night.

    2. Good point about the private security-they should have been first called. We would need to know what the police(or sheriffs) were handling at that time to be able to say there should be a drive by when call was made. If there was a drunk driver, domestic dispute, etc then a party in the park ranks really really low. I am sure that if a higher priority call was reported that the response would be different. I liken it to going to the ER for the flu and complaining because you waited hours while they handled a heart attack, a birth, and a compound fracture. Yes the flu patient should be seen and on a slow night might actually get seen sooner. But triage and prioritization is important. Even if we had triple the cops on duty they might all be involved with real crime versus nuisance violations. my question remains- did others report this party? I sheila

    3. btw two cars is not much of a party.....but I bet this will go down in the annals as a rave!

  2. Interesting that you make brief mention of the illegally noticed (per the Brown Act) meeting of the "Standing Committee for Parks" and ask those that may have concerns to attend. At the same time you failed to mention or provide a link to the agenda for this meeting. (buried on the City of Wildomar Parks website, not the main City of Wildomar Website) The primary focus will be the cost of FREEDOM which is currently questimated as anywhere from $10,900-$28,750 that an all the festivities that surround FREEDOM. As for Mr. Goddard e-mailing the city council in the middle of the night, if the PO-POs no show the council must go, its been over 6 months the city council directed the city manager to implement security measures at Wildomars parks, to date nothing has been done.
    Kenny Mayes

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. Gil is still butt sore over so many things: losing money from not being able to call cemetery district meetings at his whim; he couldn't get his gal pal reelected; without her being reeelected he lost his best source for gossip; no one in hemet knows who he is; not being a respected figure in wildomar. Has his gal pal ever had a real job? Does she have a degree? Just two fun people spreading joy wherever they go!

    3. I am loath to advertise (what did that poster call him, Agent Orange?) Agent Orange's blog, so I won't. But those savvy or ill-advised enough to know where to find it might get a laugh out of his latest posts. He criticizes this blog, a candidate forum page on Facebook, the Wildomar Chamber of Commerce, and City Staff, when his is the most vile, mean spirited and evil piece of muckracking I've ever seen. Of course, he endorses the two non-incumbents, and he posted everyone's candidate statement. The city newcomer (who nobody seems to know) talks about his experience on "the Board." What board? And when he talks about his leadership experience and expertise, what exactly is that? Fellow citizens, beware those trailing (Agent Orange) the emperor (Leija), whose "new clothes" don't exist. Crazy dudes.

    4. Gil didn't puss out from running because he thought he would lose. Gil never thinks he will lose. Actually he was in the middle of a foreclosure due to years of money mismanagement and he knew he would have to end up in a cheap place to live like a double wide in a shitty town.

    5. Gil "my girlfriend was the best council person ever, even though she was only one not reelected" blogger! Of course he would support the indigent candidates with no qualifications. He is still too cowardly to allow comments on his blog? That is because he can't handle opposing opinions. His big glory was being on cemetery district committee. No wonder he thinks andre and unknown guy are qualified. He thought his girlfriend was qualified!

    6. So if the police don't show up to a low level call because they are on a serious call, as they were on the night in question, the city council must go? This is typical from someone who called for the total closing of the parks because of bark settling. Or someone who made a big deal over planting one tree, promised to not write any more blogs on the patch for 5 years when frustrated by something the council did(of course that promise was broken rather quickly). Rational much?

  3. Is Joseph required to post links? Who made that rule?

  4. Thanks for your comment on Astronomy Night.

    1. John,
      I'm looking forward to the next Astronomy Night. Be well in the meantime. :)

  5. The incident mentioned with Mr Andre isn't his first. He has had at least two at city hall that required outside intervention and he thinks he is stable enough to sit on the council? Can I get a Hells No? And Kenny my hip, hippity, hipster friend, I hear the trailer next to Sheryl and Gil is empty out in Hemet, you should think about retiring out there. You won't be able to paint it some god awful color to piss your neighbors off though.

    Elrod Muckenfuss

    1. Andre's lawsuit against subway showed how crazy he is.

  6. Isn't it illegal to have people living in a 5th wheel on your property? Maybe Mr. Mayes needs to spend time cleaning up his messes and stop trying to pretend he is anything but an unhappy person who just likes to complain. Doesn't he have any family to keep him busy?

    1. No, it is not illegal to have people living in a 5th wheel, camper, van or even a tent on private property. Ken does have family, however, they are normal and contributing members of Wildomar. Many of them volunteered on every parks project.

    2. Yes the hipsters has grand kids and one is a Boy Scout. Yet, he complained about the work they did at the dog parks in public instead of leaving his pink slice of heaven and talk to the boy.

    3. Check the code. Residing in a trailer on private property is a violation. If he has family that is normal what happened to him?

    4. Cite the code here please. This goes directly against what I was told by Wildomar PD.

    5. Is someone saying that every homeowner/property owner is entitled to have people live in RV's on their property? The police are not in the business of code enforcement, they do LAW enforcement. I don't have time to look up the code but can you picture how lovely and RURAL we would look if everyone had an RV or trailer parked on their property with people living in it? Sorry this one doesn't pass the smell test.

    6. Someone was living in a van on the property next to mine. The fine gent like to get up and take his morning piss right outside the van. One morning while doing this he exposed himself to my wife and child so I call called the police. They talked to him and the property owner and decided it was accidental. When I asked about living in vans they specifically told me there was no laws or codes against it and to call again if the freak was pissing in our view again. So either cite the code you are referring to, or rework your "smell test". What doesn't pass the smell test is some asshat claiming there is a code or law on the books but suddenly can't cite it. Also it stinks when someone starts typing away about what role law enforcement plays in MY situation without even knowing the situation is. I called them to enforce the LAW. And if EVERYONE had a tent, RV or camper with someone living in it there would be a code or law because it would be needed. With nearly no one doing it now, it hasn't been needed. This is why Gil, Martha, Kenny G, Sheryl and soon Gary are able to wordfuck keyboard commandos on blogs and over at the Patch, because you type without thinking.

    7. Nice language. if you had contacted code enforcement instead of cops you might have learned something different about living in rv's. I call code enforcement for code enforcement problems. There is a law against public urination. Although why your family were watching someone taking a piss is kind of weird.

    8. Why would I call code enforcement about someone breaking a LAW? And since there are only 3-4 people posting on this comments section the odds are very high that you have met my wife and child. I'll let you explain to them how walking around the corner of our garage and seeing a freak piss outside of his van is weird. Blame the victim much?

  7. Such an enjoyable blog this week! I'm not sure which I like better, the blog or the commentary!

  8. I have a couple of questions related to the blog. Gary's flier lists membership on several committees, yet Joseph mentions Gary only lasted a short while on trails committee. Can we verify what he has really done vs his claims on the flier and by a hemet blogger? Does Gary actually own horses? Is that why he put a horse on the front of his flier?i think impersonating a code enforcement officer takes trying to be a city insider to new levels.if true this alone would be reason enough to vote against him. Sheila

  9. I guess you could ask him.

  10. I will put the questions in for the debate. My point was around how can we verify what he is claiming. Sheila.

  11. Same way one verifys anything else in life. Research as much as possible and trust your gut. The truth won't be hard to uncover in Mr Andre's case.

  12. Certainly for those running for city council it is expected they bring some proof of experience they are claiming. Much the same way those claiming indigent status have to prove that. I await hearing if both Andre and other are really indigent. Certainly the fact that their biggest supporter lives in another town is interesting. Beyond that i leave my gut out of political decisionmaking and base mine on reason and their position on issues important to me.Sheila

    1. Well my gut told me the Gil and his mistress were shady so I didn't vote for her. I gather as much info as I possibly can and follow my gut. My gut tells me Andre has anger issues. My gut says Ken is a lil off upstairs. My gut says Martha is bitter and taking it out via lawsuits. Some follow their dreams, some follow their instincts, some follow their heart, but I follow my gut. I think you know the answers you need already.

  13. Hahaha! This is cracking me up! Sheila

    1. The trailer comments are amusing. DUG


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