Saturday, September 13, 2014

• Bicycle Safety Event 2014

What a great event for the city of Wildomar, and thanks to the sponsors for putting it on.

Despite the high temps, that kept many people indoors, the event was enjoyed by many locals from 10am to 2pm.

Riders eagerly awaiting their turn at the "Safe Moves" course.

The kids would check in first at the Rotary canopy, then head over to the bike inspection point, operated by the boy scouts. Then there was a safety course where they were taught to look out for many dangers that cyclists face on the road. Once they completed the course they got a free helmet.

There were vendors and various information booths. In addition to the Rotary Club booth, the City of Wildomar was present, as was Wildomar CERT (Community Emergency Response Team), the Wildomar Walkers had a booth and raffled of a couple of baskets, Wildomar Chamber of Commerce, RTA had a Bus... air conditioned no less... and that was a very pleasant five minutes I spent asking questions about routes and fairs and dodging the Sun's rays. I found out it's $1.50 to ride the bus and $4.00 to ride it all day long all over the county.

The VFW had a booth as did SunPro Solar. Some of the local candidates had a booth, Giordano's Martial Arts, Frolicking Frog (jewelry/crafts), Boy Scout troop 332, Sports Authority and Ace were there. Oh and a blood drive by Life Stream.

Watch the video to get a feel of the day. It's part photo montage, part live action and a few thoughts from Nita McCoubrey, a Wildomar mother that lost her son to a bicycle accident in 2009. Also in the video are highlights of the BMX Pros Trick Team. They jumped over some Karate Kids (not Ralph Macchio), some of the Wildomar Queens and Thunder (mascot of the Lake Elsinore Storm baseball club).

This was but a small sampling of what the stunt riders were doing.

These guys could fly!

If there was a theme for today's event, other than family fun, it was this.

 ◄ If you ride a bike, wear your helmet! ► 

I hope more families will be sure to attend the next time this event is held in Wildomar. I'm crossing my fingers that it will be a Springtime event, before the Kids are out of school, next year.

☻  ☻  ☻  ☻  

Wheels up, Helmets on!
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  1. Awesome day...our grandson so enjoyed all the booths, I enjoyed seeing so many who make these events happen for our community. My husband enjoyed the VFW Booth and the RTA bus....very cold AC! The video is A+. That's coming from a retired school teacher/ principal! Thanks again.

    1. It was indeed a great time. I wish such things had been around when I was a kid. Thank you for your kind words.

  2. I have to admit this was finally a well attended event. I do have to take you to task on the video as it focused mostly on the entertainment (look maw, no hands) leaving out "Safe Moves City" and the real reason for this event, the safety of children on bicycles (so boring right) if one looked closely there was lot going on over the entire "Safe Moves" course. It would also be nice if this event was moved back to its May time slot to coincide with National Bicycle Safety Month, the weather is usually a bit more pleasant.
    Kenny Mayes

    1. I understand your point. I still have a certain shyness when it comes to videotaping other people, especially their kids, and can't tell when I'm intruding or not. The Safe Moves course was great and I watched some of the young kids go through it. I took some snap shots, but the video portions were slow and not easy to follow since the audio wasn't clear. I agree with the May time slot. It may just be me, but I think more people are interested in community events as Summer approaches, and less interested after a long hot Summer.

    2. "Take him to task" for his video? Really? Is Joseph CNN or a news network? Are you the determiner of what his video should have or not have included? Also how nice that the grumpy old guy in the pretty pink house finally thinks a city event is well attended! Mark this day in the calendar. A little full of yourself Kenny?


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