Friday, September 12, 2014

• September 11th @ VFW Post 1508

September 11th is one of those dates that touches all that were alive on that fateful day back in 2001. At our house, it was the start of another Tuesday. I was getting ready for work listening to the radio. Bill Handel of KFI was talking about an airplane that had slammed into the World Trade Center.

At that point, I wasn't thinking Terrorism. I thought it had to be some kind of computer malfunction that was responsible. (Remember all the hype a year earlier about Y2K and planes were going to fall from the sky?) Who would ever have thunk that a sane person would ever intentionally do such a thing.

If we only knew then what we know now.

After the second plane hit, computer malfunction was quickly dismissed as reports of other planes being hijacked came in. We only had a tiny TV, but I had my family get up and go watch it, including my 8 year old. This was (is) our country, and they needed to be part of this.

I went to work, but got nothing done that day. I remember hearing Howard Stern (not my usual radio guy) describe the first tower as it plummeted to the ground.

Once at work, I watched with my employer as things continued to unfold... including the second tower coming down. I'm getting mad all over again as I type this. 

Yesterday, September 11th 2014, I went to Wildomar VFW Post 1508 to watch a ceremony where the flags were changed. There was a modest crowd, among them were Steve Beech, the Fire Chief, his crew and truck were there, enjoying the great American meal of Hot Dogs and Hamburgers with a side of chili.

Also happening yesterday was the POW♦MIA flag was raised at the cemetery... finally closing that chapter of this city's history.

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As long as we're speaking of September 11th, I'll add a video I made back in 2008. It's a song that captured the anger that many of us felt that day. It certainly captured my feelings considering that I wrote it... and sang it too (gulp).


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—Charles Simmons


  1. I remember wondering if I should or should not even bother with going to school that day. MSJC!! Anyways, I remember Bill Handel also covering Rush Limbaugh's show that day because...Rush was in New York and couldn't get to the studio. Anyways....

    The most striking thing I've ever heard from 9/11 is the 911 call made by Kevin Cosgrove. It's out there on youtube if one cares to hear. I must warn though that it is quite disturbing. You actually hear the man's last moments on Earth and all of a sudden, the call cuts off.... The building fell. The call cut off. A life was ended. Ugh.

    Mr. Obuvasyfen

    1. I actually heard that same show... and how Bill Handel was never allowed to sit in for Rush again.


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