Tuesday, September 2, 2014

• Campaign Signs: A Critique

It's only 62 days until election day.

Here is a link to a countdown website if you ever need to know and don't feel like doing the math yourself.

We're still three weeks out from the candidates forum that is to be held at Elsinore High School (Tuesday, September 23 at 6:30pm). Based on the flood of responses at the page created for the candidates forum (flood meaning: so little traffic there you don't need an umbrella), my guess is that they will be lucky to get 50 non participants/family members there. Though you can count on the Cantankerotti to show up in full force to cheer for their guy(s). Here's a link to the forum page so you can leave a question.

So, until then, I'm looking for new ways to keep the City Council race in mind.

I've been noticing the political signs popping up, let's talk about them, and see how the candidates are faring in that department.

I did some picture taking around town, mostly the southern end, and here is what I saw.

The intersection of Frederick and Palomar. Only two have posted signs here so far.

The southeast facing corner at Palomar and Central. Tim Walker's sign is there, but not easy to read late in the day.

This is the northeast corner of Palomar and Gruwell. Probably one of the most important areas for signs.
This is Catt Rd, the back way into Windsong behind Stater Bros. This is a key area for getting your name out.

Here we see 4 of the 5 candidates represented. This is on Clinton Keith, waiting to turn from Inland Valley Dr.
The first thing that comes to mind is... Jimmy Flores really wants on the Water Board (his signs may be small and look like they were done on an old time silk screen out of his garage, but they are everywhere) and Israel Leija needs to be put on a milk carton since he's been missing since he turned his papers in.

Other than that, let's look at the signs and the designs.

First Prize goes to Ben Benoit.

It's all about visibility and legibility and being able to clearly see the name is key. His signs are to the point, LARGE enough to see with ease, and with a good choice of colors. This sign couldn't have been designed any better.

I'll give Second Prize to Marsha Swanson. 

Her sign is also attractive to the eyes, good color choices, and a good size. In the picture it looks fine, but while driving I found it hard to read her name with the white outline eating into it.

Also, though it's still early, that was the only sign of hers I saw, and I'd guess that is one of the least important locations to choose from. Yes, it's high traffic, but with most of the traffic coming from the medical facilities, I contend that few of the people that see that sign are Wildomar residents.

Lastly, when I tried the link, Re-ElectMarsha.com, listed on her banner, it went to a site that wasn't up yet.

The bronze medal goes to Gary Andre.

His signs may be small, and with bad color options, but they are legible and he has put them up everywhere. Not bad for a candidate that filed as indigent, and even was found to be indigent too, though he did end up paying his filing fees ahead of schedule. Kudos!

  1. a state of extreme poverty.
    "The man's indigence didn't factor into the out of town blogger's endorsement of his candidacy."

Not sure what that says about the man. Who's his strategist here? Why make it know that you're on hard times, actually qualifying for the payment plan, just to pay it off in full anyway? It tells me that he doesn't plan the work, then work the plan

I also like how he tossed in there "A Proven Leader". What's that supposed to mean? I tried to find details at his campaign website, but I couldn't find his campaign website. There was an odd facebook page that might be for his campaign. Here's the link to it —go check it out for yourselves. He calls it Wildomar Citizens Opposed To Unqualified City Governance.  I sure am curious as to his definition of "unqualified".

Oh, when it comes to being "A Proven Leader" I managed not one, but TWO, beer league baseball teams to the championship (1995, 1996) in Orange County. That too makes me a "Proven Leader" but how would such a thing come into play as a member of the city council?

Tim Walker's signs are the right size, and the coloring is fine, he has them in a number of places, but the font size and the general design doesn't work for a roadside sign. It's not easy to read unless you were to be walking past it.  Here Tim, this is how it would have looked if I had designed it.

Tim, there's still time to use this version.


I don't know if Israel Leija has signs or not... since I haven't seen any.

Last I heard his request to be deemed "indigent" fell through and he owes the city some cold cash or he's going to lose his candidates statement in the ballot pamphlet.

Kind of an odd thing to have on your Christmas list.

Hey Mr. Out of Town Blogger, you ready to eat those words yet... or are you still standing by this classic... "Israel has professional and life experience equal to any of the three incumbents."?

Just in case someone wants to suggest that I took the old guy out of context, here's the full quote from his blog.

"I’ve never met this candidate, and have no context with which to comment on his ballot statement... It appears that Israel has professional and life experience  equal to any of the three incumbents  and is worthy of your consideration for his successful efforts to become a candidate with commendable stated goals."

So a guy that falsely claims indigence, so he can get out of paying for something that is NOT required in the first place, is "equal to any of the three incumbents"?

I guess the three incumbents,  plus the rest of the people this guy hates, blew it by not going the sympathy route by claiming indigence way back when. But let's be real for half a sec... can you imagine what he would have done with something like that?

I'm thinking anything along the lines of —"is worthy of your consideration, blah, blah, bonanza!" wouldn't have been in the cards.

Mom, are we there yet? 
No, now sit back before I pull this car over and give you something to think about!

In a couple of hours it'll only be 61 days until November 4th. Woo-Hoo!

—•— —•— —•— —•— —•— —•— —•— —•— 
Come over and sit a spell.

Wildomar Rap —still the leader in the clubhouse when it comes to managing a roster of outstanding Beer League players to victory.


  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. The names are kinda funny but mostly not. Still, if you feel they are necessary do what you've gotta do. As for the other info, interesting stuff, but I've never put much stock in anonymous sources.

  2. A blog about banners? Hmmm so-so on the interest scale. But a no name commenter who is claiming to know someone who supposedly knows confidential hr info and reveals it? Yes that is reliable. You go ahead and stay anonymous while tossing gossip and calling names. You are no better than Gil. Lejia may not be qualified but I am not going to base my vote on trash and hate talk. No matter who is slinging it(especially someone anonymous). I may just vote for Andre and lejia if the commenter is representative of the incumbent side.

    1. I agree, a blog about banners is so-so... that's how it goes.

      As to your thoughts on the "no name commenter [sic]" I get your points. Keep in mind, the ultimate form of trolling is to speak in favor of a certain point of view —in an outlandish way, such as the person you're alluding to— so as to discredit the very side that seems to be being supported.

      There is just as much of a chance that the above was written by one of the Cantankerotti, so as to make the other side look bad, as it was from one of those that are in tight with the city.

      I suggest that you base your vote on solid reasoning and not something from an anonymous source.

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  4. Yeah your arguments are impressive. You sound like you belong on the patch.

  5. More proof that Wildomar Magazine is the only local blog worth following. Make fun of Leija all you want to, he is far and away a better choice than the three incumbents.

    1. While I am enjoying the back and forth of anonymous pseudo experts this last statement is the best of all! To try and seriously claim that a guy we know nothing about(i need legitimate sources for either pro or con information) is better than 3 people who are "proven leaders" is just bitterness. Maybe he is a diamond in the rough or a moron but i need more details! Not rumors(name names already!) or standard "i hate all of the incumbents even though i live in a galaxy far far away". sheila BTW I think Andres banners make a good visual. tim you need to get better ones! ;)

    2. You can read any source you want to. If his way of presenting issues appeals to your sensibilities, you probably will want to skip reading my blogs to avoid gray matter overload.

  6. My quotation marks around proven leaders was intended to mock Andres claim on his banner. Sarcasm is often dificult to convey in comments. The 3 incumbents (who I have met and talked with) are all smart people who have not only done good for the city but have not harmed the city. We can't say that about the other two. Although I still want more real info on Lejia, if he stays in the race. Sheila


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