Monday, September 8, 2014

• SB 69 Update... Where 4 Transmogrifies Into 22

I was asking Mayor-ProTem Ben Benoit for updates regarding SB 69, where we are hoping to get our VLF funds returned to us. For those that are unaware, that translates into a sizable chunk of Wildomar's yearly budget.

Here was the exchange...

I then asked him a wonky-ish (or is it -esque?) question. 

So instead of having just four days left to hear about our fate, we now have about 22 days to go, assuming my California public education math isn't failing me now that is. 

If you'd like to see Wildomar get those funds back, I suggest that we all take this seriously. This will be the last chance on this one, if not forever, then certainly for the foreseeable future. 

Link to sample letter.
When you click the above link, it downloads the file as it does when you click the link on the city's website.

Share this info with your Wildomar friends.

Here is the contact information for the Honorable (cough) Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. - also know as El Baldo among his ardent followers.

Governor Jerry Brown
c/o State Capitol, Suite 1173
Sacramento, CA 95814

If you'd rather call or fax, here is that info. 



This is the site you have to go to in order to email him.
For all you Dems, left leaning types, and other inexplicable Brown voters that think I'm being a bit disrespectful to Linda Ronstadt's old boyfriend by calling him El Baldo, let me remind you that this is the guy that is the number one booster to the Bullet Train to Nowhere —also known as "The Crazy Train" and the "Browndoggle"— that is going to cost us well over $100Bn and provide us nothing of real value.

That and the fact that he sided with unions, and bad teachers, over the educational needs of California's students, by appealing Vergara v. California. Let's not forget that he not only LOST the Tesla factory for California, but also is refusing to release public records in connection with the case.

Poor Li'l WillyMar, just wants to be treated like all the other kids... errr I mean cities.

So, as much as I'm rooting for Li'l Ol' WillyMar here, and that SB 69 was backed by a democrat (State Senator Richard Roth) which makes one think it might just actually be signed into law —due to the partisan nature of Sacramento, I'm still not too keen on holding my breath here.

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