Sunday, September 28, 2014

• SB 69 Got Vetoed

Brown Vetoes SB 69

 I was so caught off guard, that I'd actually started to prepare a blog talking about it getting passed. Check out the "Dewey Defeats Truman" headline I had prepared.

Great News!
SB 69 was signed into law. 

Willy'Mar is out of "Le Château Bowow" 

What a joke, I can't believe I actually gave the governor credit where he clearly hadn't earned it. The galling thing is that our state is taking in more money than we ever have before and yet, he wants it as far from the actual citizens as he can get it. I'm guessing that he'll be giving Wildomar's money to his magic Choo-Choo fund.


Once I heard about this I went to Wildomar's number 1 point man on the issue, Ben Benoit, and asked him a couple of questions.

How much would this have amounted to?
About 1.8 million dollars per year.

What percentage of our yearly budget is that?
Around 20%, which is about $50 per capita.

Is this a dead issue now?
To me it will be dead when Wildomar residents get the same amount of cash from this state as residents in the rest of Califorina. As to our council continuing to support the efforts to right this wrong we'll see. As for this bill it's dead unless the current leadership wants to override the veto, for an issue like this that affects such a small amount of legislators that's a very slim chance.

•   •   •

Well, now it won't be like when a family member wins the lottery... and a bunch of people they've never heard of start showing up, telling them how to spend it. 

Look Ma, No Money!

It's good that despite this news, our budget hasn't been based on this money actually being here.

What a way to start off a new week... Arrgghh!

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  1. Its now time for Wildomar to wake an realize were on our own and deal with it. Instead of wasting $36,000 each of the last 3 years paying for legislative breakfasts, cocktail parties along with other influencing nonsense this money would have been better spent having the whole city council travel to Sacramento as a unified group to plead a case for our city to be one par with all other cities and not keep trying for some special deal that has now been shot down for the third time. On par does not mean using San Francisco as a comparison like one of our council members like to do, San Francisco is the only consolidated city-county in California therefore collects property tax as both.
    Kenny Mayes


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