Tuesday, September 30, 2014

• Meet City Council Member Tim Walker

City Council member Tim Walker sat down with me at the Starbucks, on the west side of the freeway, for a “better know the candidate” session. I had my recording device all ready to go with fresh batteries, pressed record, the red light came on, I set it on the table... then it promptly shut itself off after recording all of two seconds.

Good thing my memory hasn't completely left me yet. 
That, coupled with a gift for paraphrasing; I should be ok.
Council Member Tim Walker at the recent Candidates Forum. 

WR What made you choose Wildomar as your home town? 
TW Back in the 1970’s we were looking for land that would someday be a place to retire, and made a purchase. Then the lease for the school we were running [in the LA area] wasn't renewed so we chose to open a school here (Bundy Canyon Christian School).

WR Tell me about your family.
TW My wife, Maria, and I have three children; the youngest is 22 and about to go off to the Marines, our daughter is 25 and a musician, and the oldest is 30 and has been working for us for five years. We have two grand children.

WR What got you interested in city politics?
TW I never had much interest in city politics until the issue of marijuana dispensaries came up. I went to a council meeting and spoke against the idea of bringing them here and when I went back to my seat [former city council member] Sheryl Ade said, “It doesn't matter what you want, I’m representing those that aren't here and didn't call or email.” After hearing that I realized she had to go, so I ran for council back in 2010… I was elected and she wasn't.

WR What, in real terms is Governor Brown’s recent veto of SB69 going to mean to Wildomar?
TW Nothing. We already have been operating as if the money will not be coming back.

WR  You are a local businessman, describe that for me.
TW We've operated a courier service called Rancho Runners since 1995. It’s not a “next day” service… it’s a “same day” service. Many of our drivers live in Wildomar, others in Murrieta and Temecula. It’s more of a personalized service, something that can’t be duplicated by the nationally known delivery services.

WR  You’re at a convention and there are two restaurants… one is Thai the other Italian. Which one do you head for?
TW I like both, but I’m thinking I’d head for the Thai… though I also like Italian.

WR Are there any coming projects in the city that you’re eager to see get completed?
TW There are several developments that are in the works. A medical facility on Clinton Keith, the houses there [he points across the street to some houses in the early stage of being built], on Palomar and on Bundy Canyon that will be near the coming Walmart. 

WR If you were at a place that had two different kinds of music being performed, Big Band on one stage and Blues on another, which do you choose?
TW I really like the sound of Big Band, but I’m thinking I’d head for the Blues. It’s similar to the kind of music I play.

WR What is your take on the frequent lawsuits being filed or threatened against the city?
TW We have to defend them. It’s going to cost us [Wildomar] money, but the same groups that keep bringing the same types of lawsuits are doing it because they couldn't win elections and they are bitter about not being in control.

A Tim Walker campaign button.

WR  What’s your position on term limits for council members?
TW I used to be all for term limits. I still am when it comes to national office, but I've rethought it in local elections. If the people want us gone, it isn't difficult to vote out a council member. Imagine if qualified council members were forced to vacate a seat, and the only options were people like Gary Andre or Miss Miller.

WR What’s a nice relaxing afternoon for the Walkers?
TW We enjoy sitting on the front porch visiting when the breeze comes up, and watching the grand kids at play.

WR Wildomar's taxes are among the lowest in the area. Would you support higher taxes to maintain, or increase, current levels of services in Wildomar?
TW No, I’m a proposition 13 guy and am against tax increases. People work hard to earn their money and they don’t need someone, with big ideas, spending it for them. We need commercial developments to bring in revenues. That's the only way to bring in enough to pay for the things we need in Wildomar.

WR If you could speak directly to the Wildomar voters, and tell them why they should vote for you, what would you tell them?
TW I’d tell them that experience counts... that I've been on the council for four years and that there is a conscientious group on the council right now that are working well together. 

•     •     •

Well, looks like I got the gist of his points down here, though I wish I remembered more details about some of his answers, including the ones about his family... oh, his youngest was born at the Inland Valley hospital and was delivered by [insert name of family member that is a main nurse there]. Also, his parents live in the area.

I've had many occasions to speak to Tim Walker at various city meetings and events this year; he's always a cheerful person, easy to approach and a good conversationalist. He is a self stylized "conservative businessman" yet comes off like the guy next door. 

At the same time, when he's on the dais representing Wildomar at a council meeting, he has two speeds. First is sort of "laid back, taking it all in". The other is when he leans forward, he becomes a no nonsense bull dog, much like a top closer in baseball, looking to retire the side in order.

He just needs a bushy fu manchu to get his game face as good as The Mad Hungarian's in this baseball card.

If you've never met Tim Walker, go up to him at the next city meeting, or event, and chat with him. You'll soon see that he has a good head on his shoulders.

You can only vote once per IP address, so don't try and cheat.

If your choice for a captain came down to two people. One with an excellent track record and the other with a dismal track record are you telling me you'd really have to hesitate before choosing?

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