Thursday, October 2, 2014

• The APEs Do Another Dump

The APEs are really going bananas now (you knew I wouldn't be able to resist that cheesy line for much longer). Yep, a few minutes before the Planning Commission meeting was called to order, Ray Johnson waddled into the chambers and handed a stack of papers to Alfredo Garcia. Who in turn handed them to assistant city attorney Erica Vega, who then passed them out the the commissioners.

Oh Joy, wasn't that clever and fun.
Oh you guys...

In the video you'll see Ray Johnson break out his junior G-Man badge and pretend to be an expert, then get a facial by the project's civil engineer, then by the city engineer, followed by the planning commission.

At first it looked as if the council was going to punt. Chairman Stan Smith first suggested to "take a motion to continue to a later date". Which is all that the APEs wanted in the first place. Then commissioner Bobby Swann spoke up and disagreed. He got the ball rolling that led to the commission voting on the issue, and NOT kowtowing to the ill conceived whims of those far removed from elected office.

This was in regard to the Shell Station, and a drainage pipe. If you really care, watch the video... my recapping of it would never be able to do it justice.

After the meeting was over, the topic of changing the rules for when documents are allowed to be delivered, was batted around in the foyer. Based on what I'd heard, I'd like to suggest that the city council require that ALL documents, pertaining to whichever coming city meeting —MUST be in— no later than 72 hours before the scheduled meeting... or NO dice.

The APEs act like children, but who can blame them in reality? Our rules allow them to do document dumps, and since they have no actual backing in the community, who can fault them for constantly going to that same worn out play.

Remember Shaquille O'Neal? Weak teams couldn't defend him, so they went to the Hack-A-Shaq move. Which was no more than bad sportsmanship that the league's rules allowed, yet were NEVER intended to be part of the game.

The APEs are nothing but rock throwing Hack-A-Shaqers, that's their only move, and they know it... it's up to the council to remove as many of the rocks, that are in easy reach, as they can.

You may be asking, "What is a Wildomar APE?"
The Wildomar APEs are a group that calls themselves Alliance for Intelligent Planning. They spell it AIP, and I pronounce it like it looks, but change the spelling to the common word we all know —APE. In short, they are a group that tries to block almost every project that gets introduced in Wildomar through litigation, or threats of it.

•     •     •

Without Miss Miller in attendance, tonight's comedy relief was provided by George Taylor, long time resident out at The Farm. He decided to chime in about potential food establishments in town... he'd like a Golden Corral... but I'm with Israel Leija and I want a Norm's. No matter how you slice it, George is tired of all the fast food places in Willy'Mar.

What this blog should have been about is a great new project just east of Inland Valley Dr

Rancon Medical Office/Retail Project. 

It's going to be 11.62 acres, 13 parcels, 96,240 square feet of medical, office and retail uses located at the southwest corner of Clinton Keith Road and Elizabeth Lane.

But instead we get to talk about the same tired people pulling the same tired stunts. Let me ask you a fair question.


Just how STUPID are those people? Seriously, the election is a mere four weeks away, and they desperately want to get their candidate, Gary Andre, elected. Yet they keep this kind of thing going?

I guess they've never heard the old adage.
It goes like this: Don't break the law, when you're breaking the law.

What that specifically refers to is when a person is driving drunk (breaking the law) and then showing even worse judgement by then speeding (also "breaking the law").

To apply that theory to the APEs, and their incessant need for grandstanding, I have to ask this... didn't they think their recent actions might blow up all over their candidate? They even had Gary Andre be the water boy, and carry the documents, that he then dumped on the council —himself.

There goes Plausible Deniability right out the window.

I'm just mesmerized at how idiotic they all are. It has to be some kind of red herring... some kind of clever gambit, because NO ONE IS THIS STUPID in real life... are they?

Oh well, we have a City Council meeting in less than a week... I can't wait to see more from Team APE... I just hope they don't disappoint by not coming up with more of their typical awesomeness.

•     •     •

How true it is that so much of the harm that is done in this world does not result from evil motive, or a bad intention, but out of sheer boredom.


  1. You sure have Andre on the brain. Seems like you are worried that he's gonna finish in the top 3 vote getters and are trying to smear him every chance you get.

    1. Interesting points but I have a different take on it. What you call "Andre on the brain" I call reacting to a person that can't 'stay out of the way of negative pub' while avoiding as much positive interaction with potential voters/average Wildomar residents that he can (by not attending a single city event after declaring his candidacy).


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