Saturday, October 18, 2014

• Concert in the Park

What a fun evening listening to local band Cougrzz Rock at Marna O'Brien Park. They played a great mixture of music. Mostly 80's with pieces from the '60s, '70s, '90s and the '00s. It was fun for the whole family. If you missed it, you may want to join the city's Stay Connected email service.

The crowd wasn't large, in total just under 100 people had attended, but the band played as if there were a packed house just the same. Even doing a special birthday song for Kristan Lloyd.

Concert goers dancing to Walk It By Yourself.
The concert went from 6:30 to almost 9:30pm and kids were really enjoying the evening. Footballs were being tossed about adjacent to the crowd and a line up of girls were doing cartwheels in front of the stage.

Cougrzz Rock put on a terrific show and it would be great to get them again next year... hopefully with a possible Summer date, the crowd will be maxed out. Visit the band's facebook page and let them know what a good time you had.

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Now for those that might want to know less about the good time had by all, and the money this shindig cost to put on, here are the facts. It was sponsored by Wal-Mart, and the city's part of the tab came up to fifty bucks.

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I'd pass the bottle when he got dry, and brush away that blue tail fly...


  1. Excellent question from the Timex Representative. and good answer. :)

  2. So $10 a head, but that's OK it was someone else's money so it doesn't matter. I can hear the city manager now "Another well attended event". That 100 included the band right. If you looked around more fun was being had over at the "Freedom Swing" which was loaded down with 4 or 5 at a time an being ridden like a mad bull, going every which way but back and forth.
    Kenny Mayes

    1. There has to be a reason why our local events are not well attended. My guess is that is NOT traceable to single source.

      First, we do not have any sort of history with events that people can look forward to, other than maybe the Breakfast with Santa. Second; many of the events of 2014 were not fully thought through. Most city's wouldn't have their only "concert in the park" in mid October. For whatever reason, people are not getting notification of such events... or, there isn't much interest on the part of the community to attend such things.

      Whichever way it is, I don't think it would be better to simply pack it in.

      If you look at parks as a business, it would be a mistake to assume the first year wouldn't come with growing pains—like any other business. Sure, let's go hire an $80K per year Park Czar (do they even come that cheaply?), but I can just imagine the hoots and hollers from the anti-Wildomar crowd, though it would 'right the ship' and get us on track to a stellar parks department.

      What needs to happen is that a legit parks department needs to be established, and there needs to be much more detailed planning for every event. I applaud the efforts of those that wear several hats at once, but the efforts aren't paying the kinds of dividends that we should be pleased with. (How's that for being diplomatic?)


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