Tuesday, October 21, 2014

• Parks Master Plan II

Setting records in reverse. Tonight we went from a dozen eager Wildomar residents attending the Parks Master Plan meeting to half a dozen. Next time lets make it three. If you want the details, they can be found at the link below. They really didn't change much from last week.

If I were Grandpa Willy'Mar, I know about 14,000 registered voters that would be going to bed without supper. 

I didn't expect all 14,000 voters to show up... we all know that two thirds of you won't even be voting in 2014.

I didn't really expect 1,000 people to show up, or 500, or even 100... but we couldn't get 50 people? Fine, that's a ridiculous expectation too I see.

Well, how about 20 people... would that be too much to ask?

Parks aren't just about kids. Adults and seniors use parks too. 

Where were the various churches or their reps? Or those from the various sports leagues, both adults and youth? How about the PTA... where were your representatives? How about the UVAC (United Vegans Against Chocolate)? 

Funny thing is, on the local facebook pages you will get hundreds and hundreds of comments on topics such as "What happened to the KFC" or "Woe is me, Walmart wants to kill us".

I guess something like the Parks Master Plan for the next ten years just isn't sexy enough for the facebook crowd to get interested in.

Perhaps this is what it looks like when an area has such a checkered past when it comes to parks. 

Hey Willy'Mar, I won't close your parks again... I swear it.

Or is it that the people in Wildomar simply do not care? It would be hard to blame them when you consider the constant threats to this city. Imagine if we actually started progress on a new park. The same old group of lunk heads would be there trying to block it.

Enough of my whining. If you (I'm speaking to you Mr&Mrs Wildomartini) are cool with a handful of people, all pushing 50 or more, making the parks plan for the next ten years, so am I. 

Next chance for you to skip a city meeting on the Parks Master Plan will be in two weeks. Wednesday November 5th, at the planning commission meeting.

If I had known my son was going to be the president of Bolivia, I would have taught him to read and write.

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