Friday, October 31, 2014

• Happy Halloween Holladay Style

No one was checking passports to see if you were from Windsong Valley or not at the Holladay home. So where were you?

If you didn't make it, you missed a lot of action. A constant stream of trick or treaters and parents stopping by to check out the spooky graveyard motif in the front yard. With plenty of treats... no "trick" required.

Fresh popcorn, fresh cotton candy, regular candy, a raffle and even homemade tri tip chili, pulled pork sandwiches, Holladay Halloween cookies and even some libations for some of the A-Listers... wink wink. ;)

The crowds were pretty thick at times and when we left at about 8:20 they had gone through more than 30 pounds of popcorn, and had run out of cotton candy (estimated to be more than 200 servings).

Remember to put on your calendar December 18th. It'll be a Christmas party at the Holliday house. Last year they were collecting toys for the Boys & Girls Club. This year it is Toy's For Tots and let's get behind this effort and donate some unwrapped toys. You have almost two months to schedule it, so be there... especially if you live in Windsong Valley.
The front of Casa De Holladay, all decked out for All Hallows' Eve.

• • •

One person, among the throngs out front, was heard to say in a loud voice, "Hey, you know that she is using this all as a write off." Alluding to the fact that Terri Holladay is a realtor and had her logo visible in many places... including the free shirts my wife Grace and I got.

Hello McFly, as good natured as Terri Holladay and Family are, this is still America —land of the free and home of free market capitalism.
No one better be looking to find fault in a person trying to get their name out into the community while putting on a party that took a lot of sweat, and dinaro, to put on.

If you'd like to talk real estate, then drop her a line.
Terri's FaceBook 951-775-6558 or 855-274-5898
You don't need to be buying or selling a home to donate a toy this Christmas.

• • •

Don't forget Trunk or Treat at Marna O'Brien Park, November 1, 2014. (See below for details)

It's an extra chance to dress up in Halloween costumes in 2014 and rake in some more cavity seeds... errr, I mean candy from local businesses and organizations. Wildomar Rap will be present with it's Haunted Bug, so come on out and say hello... or come and take a poke at me if you're so inclined.

•      •       

I'd rather be handsome than homely, I'd rather be youthful than old. If I can't have a bushel of silver, I'll do with a barrel of gold.  James Jeffrey Roche

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