Tuesday, October 28, 2014

• Special City Council Meeting October 28, 2014

I wish all meetings were this efficient. A fair amount got dealt with in a short period of time. Let's go down the agenda.

1.1 was a presentation by WRCOG (Western Riverside Council of Governments).
There are a number of things they have their hands in. They are the ones that provided the funding for the Clinton Keith overpass improvements and three more big projects were mentioned.

  1. Clinton Keith to Murrieta
  2. Palomar from Jefferson to Mission Trail
  3. Bundy Canyon

It was a good presentation and if you'd like to see it in written form, check the agenda for tonight's meeting.
WRCOG is worth a blog all in itself. Until then, if you're interested in what they do, follow the provided link above.

1.2 Riverside County Flood Control — Five Year Capital Improvement Program
A presentation by Assistant City Manager Dan York. Each time there is a measurable rain, Wildomar gets flooded out. The resolution was only about having the mayor send a letter of support to the county, but the presentation was full of info and promise to get a handle on the Wildomar's trouble spots. If you would like details, Dan York would be happy to give them to you.

Dan York, P.E., P.L.S.Public Works Director/City Engineer/Assistant City Manager
Phone: 951-677-7751 x 216
Email: dyork@cityofwildomar.org

1.3 Grading Agreement with Wildomar Springs
An unfinished project off of George, that's been abandoned for quite some time, being picked up by a "reputable" builder. First of the model homes are said to be ready by Super Bowl weekend.

Kenny Mayes made an interesting point about any big rocks on the building site. He suggested that if any such rocks are unearthed there, that they be transported to a site for a future park. Dan York was nodding his head in agreement.

1.4 Grading agreement with CV Communities
This project is located on Palomar with McVicar to the North, Murrieta Creek to the West and the Shadow Ridge development to the South. There has been a lot of dirt hauling in that area and Dan York was saying, "This will probably be the last week of the dirt hauling." Afterwhich they will be cleaning the streets in the affected areas.

But, part of the grading agreement had been held up because some of the neighbors to the south had some concerns. They wanted the city to speak with the developer and do some amendments to their approved map, and change their grading plan, which they've done. The majority of the nearby homeowners are happy with the changes so it's going forward now.

City Council Member Bob Cashman had a comment on the agenda item.
"I didn't like this housing tract, development, but we have approved it. So I can't see a reason not to approve this grading [agreement]."

All four agenda items passed unanimously... and the meeting was adjourned.

It was like a visit to The Twilight Zone how it all went to smoothly. I wonder if the fact that there were NO lawsuit threats or Document Dumps had anything to do with it? The world may never know. ☺

Actually, we just found out and it was heavenly.

Then again, it could have been the absence of Miss Miller and her insistence on speaking 5 or 6 times and using all three minutes each time... even when she only repeats the same well worn anti growth mantras.

The other theory as to why this meeting went so fluidly is that it could have been retitled:
The Dan York Show... with your host, Dan York.

Seriously, he had a part in most of the agenda, and I've noticed at other meetings that he's been a key factor in... things have also stayed on schedule.

•      •       

If we begin by being certain, we shall end by being doubtful. If we begin by being doubtful, we shall end by being certain.  — Sir Francis Bacon

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