Saturday, December 13, 2014

• Breakfast With Santa 2014

This was the 13th annual Breakfast With Santa in Wildomar. 

Despite it being quite rainy in the days leading up to this event, it was a beautiful morning, without a hint of rain in the sky, and perfect temps.

The volunteers started getting to the station before the sun even had come up, prepping the fire station for a crowd of locals. Breakfast consisted of scrambled eggs, pancakes, bacon or sausage, and juice or coffee. 
Rotary Club members Andy Morris, Gary Brown and Judy Gugliemana getting a bit of cooking practice in before the rush.

WRCOG was there with a Christmas lights exchange (give them two old,
working strands of lights, and they were giving out new LED 100 light strands).
 I made sure I got my two boxes of lights, as Stewart Moore looks on.

Janet (pronounced Janette) Morales and Rita (I didn't get the last name), city staffers manning the cash desk.

Mayor Pro-Tem Ben Benoit serving up some eggs to his daughter Abby.

A look at the station with the cars from Back to the Future, and Knight Rider on display.

One of the emergency response vehicles was out on display with a cornucopia of gadgets and doodads for all to see. 

Andrew Latham wheeling and dealing, at the Hot Chocolate booth, with Council Member Bridgette Moore.
No "Breakfast With Santa" would be complete without the first couple of the Arctic Circle.

Here is a group shot of the volunteers that made today's event possible.
Also present was Wildomar Little League looking for players and other volunteers. In addition to the hot chocolate, Boy Scout troop 332 was selling Christmas greenery and mistletoe. Among the volunteers were the Mayor Marsha Swanson, the Mayor Pro-Tem Ben Benoit and the inimitable Council Member Bridgette Moore.

A representative of Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez was there, as was our County Supervisor Kevin Jeffries, Council Member Tim Walker, City Manager Gary Nordquist, Planning Commissioners Gary Brown, Veronica Langworthy, Bobby Swann and EVMWD Director George Cambero. The only notable no show was Council Member Bob Cashman. The same guy that was asking to be the Mayor a few days ago, that never actually shows up to anything, including Thursday night's city dinner at the VFW (I'm still scratching my head on that disconnect).

I asked Janet Morales how many people were served today, and she told me that they had sold 346 breakfasts, with a gross of $1900. That bested last years participation by about 17% (289 breakfasts were purchased in 2013). The money is split between the city and the Rotary Club.

I wanted a few more details so I asked Bridgette Moore more about where the money goes.

Well for the city this event was part of the parks and recreation program.  It had a budgeted amount, but since we received many sponsors no city funds were used. The proceeds are split 50/50. City goes back into recreation and Rotary uses all fundraiser for programs such as Bicycle Safety.

Now for Boy Scouts, they were selling hot chocolate and mistletoe and greenery for their Outdoor Program.

I was there from about 7:15am through 11:00am and the tables were always filled with smiling families. Also, the line to get a picture taken never seemed to be empty and the two Hollywood cars were a big hit, even if the younger ones had no idea about their significance to us old people.

All in all, another terrific event for Wildomatinis of all ages, (or Wildomartians if you prefer). If you'd like to take a look at the blog about last year's event, here's the link.

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Uncle, there are many things which have made me happy. Things which have never fattened my purse by even that much. Christmas is one of these. 
—Scrooge's Nephew Fred, 
A Christmas Carol (1938 Movie)

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