Saturday, March 28, 2015

• Wildomar Egg Hunt 2015

It was a brilliant day for Wildomar's annual Eggstravaganza Egg Hunt at Marna O'Brien park. People started showing up shortly after 8:00AM in anticipation of the first Egg Hunt of the day at 9:00AM for the 0-3 year old children.

In total there were four separate age groups for the kids. 0-3, 4-5, 6-8 and 9+. Also, there were two times for each group. If a child missed it the first time round, or were very enterprising looking to score twice, they'd be able to hit the later time.

In total 14,000 plastic eggs were "found". Thanks to the sponsors which included Waste Management who had a truck out on display and  a table with some give-a-ways of their own as they were touting the virtues of recycling to all.

There were donuts, milk, coffee and things along that line available at the snack bar, which was being run by Crew 332 (a coed group that is comprised of Boy Scouts and helpers). Crew 332 also provided a photo booth so that kids could have a picture taken with Peter Rabbit.

There was a Jolly Jumper, Face Painting and a Balloon Artist (you know, they make things like poodles or ninja swords) and the lines never abated for those once they started.

There was also a "wheel chair accessible" egg hunt for children with special needs. Today there was only one child that took advantage of it. I'd heard about this, but couldn't understand how it worked until I saw it for myself. In the video below, you'll see a snippet of this young man, and his parent's, quest for an egg.

Down below is a video that is a combo slide show and live action display of what today was about. You'll see several different age groups running around at top speed (I speed it up over 1000%) looking for eggs.... that are so plentiful that they would be harder to avoid if it were a race from one side to the other and the object was to NOT step on them. You'll see a sped up version of three year old Sunny Watkins have her face painted like a cat, plus a glimpse of all the people that came for part of the day in a couple of panoramic shots like the one directly below.

This looks much better in the video as I pan slowly from left to right. Or you can click on it to enlarge it.

I was asking the city manager Gary Nordquist his guess of the crowd and I think he underestimated it by a lot when he responded 400. Let's do some Wildomar Rap math here. There were 4 age groups times 2 egg hunts. There were easily 100 kids in each age group, and even if 80% repeated the process, that would mean about 500 kids came. I'm guessing that they didn't walk or drive themselves, so even if there were only 100 additional people, that would put it at 600. Still, I'm going to say there were closer to 700 from start to finish.

There were a ton of people that made this happen, but I'm going to single out Janet Morales as the linchpin that brought it all together. Though she'd been planning it for months, as crunch time got to the week leading up to the even, she was sick yet sallied forth and completed the task. Thanks for all the hard work!

If you missed this event, there will be another one next year. Go over to the city's website and sign up to be notified of such things with their "Stay Connected" Service. Click here.
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Peter Cottontail, Bugs Bunny and Roger Rabbit walk into a bar... They order three carrot juices, pay their bar tab then leave. The end. 

Did you seriously think I was going to post a blue joke about those fellas on this blog? Did ya? Come on man, cut me a break... plus, I couldn't come up with a better punchline in the time frame I had so I went the Anti-Joke route.


  1. There is no reason to guess any longer. There's an app for that and with the cities new unregulated cameras that have been installed they could if they wish identify each person as to who they are and whether they attended the egg hunt or just the park.
    If anyone miss being photographed they can request copies of the video from the city via a Public Records Request.
    Kenny Mayes

  2. Why anyone would make that recommendation boggles the mind. Are you trying to help child predators? But I guess when you think it is a good use of city money to make public records requests on a routine basis for the purposes of general nosiness maybe it isn't so surprising. Because the city has video at the park does not mean they have facial recognition software, that they caught every person on there, or that access to the video should be given out to anyone who requests it. Let's review if other cities release all of their security footage to the general public. Talk about a safety risk and a legal liability. Any one with more than an internet familiarity with the law might be better qualified to make recommendations.

    1. To blindly believe that without established guidelines and protocols these cameras will not be abused is the same thinking that brought this country the NSA and data mining as well as Edward Snowden.
      The city manager was directed to research and install cameras at Windsong Park to reduce the level of after hour partying and at Marna to reduce incidents of graffiti. Both of these events occur after the parks are closed. Currently some city employees, the private security company and the police have been granted access to these cameras, maybe. Do we record, for how long are these recordings kept? We don't know because there are no guidelines. Public records request have already resulted in electric bills being properly paid for by the park system rather than a CSA or L&LMD as was the case, they have resulted in the Tot-Lots being properly inspected even if the deficiencies are still present. Public records request are also public record therefore "child predators" is a straw dog in this instance.
      Kenny Mayes

  3. Strange how some can always find excuses for their bad behavior. Wasting city money is wasting city money.


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