Sunday, March 29, 2015

• Operation Prom Girl 2015

Saturday March 28th saw the second annual Operation Prom Girl held at Wildomar's VFW. It was an amazing transformation of their banquet area into a pink and white draped room with 8 tables full of eager teenage girls waiting to look at prom dresses.

The afternoon was filled with lunch, inspirational speakers, prizes for the young ladies, and a make up tutorial by the event's spearhead —Dawn Schultz.
Dawn Schultz (right) applying some color to Amber Nason's eyes.
Operation Prom Girl was the brain child of Dawn Shultz. The basic premise is to help out girls from underprivileged families that would like to go to their school's Prom but can't afford a proper dress.

I spoke to her last year, about her first effort, and wasn't sure how she was going to pull it off as a newcomer to town and especially with such little time to spare. With shear determination she did, though it was a modest affair in 2014 compared to 2015. I can only imagine how much more it will grow by next year.

I asked Dawn who the key volunteers were, and she mentioned Linda Harris along with her husband Bruce Harris. There were more than 25 volunteers that made the event possible. Forty-three girls were in attendance for the event.

A big thank you to Dawn, Linda, Bruce and the other volunteers that made our city just a little bit nicer.

On a personal note, I was happy to be invited to this event. I was the only male above the age of four there. I got to sit at the Mom's Table and sip coffee and have a plate of delicious food that was provided. I was keeping a low profile and was glad that my sweet wife Grace was there to take the photos. Nothing worse than some old guy sticking a camera into the faces of teenage girls... talk about the creep factor when that happens. ☺

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  1. We are so proud of Dawn! She did a great job! And thank you for writing about the event!

  2. The event was fun for the Moms as well as the daughters. I was very inspired by the speakers. The smile on the girls faces as they picked their dresses was heart warming <3 I felt blessed to be in attendee. Thank you operation prom girl <3

  3. Good job! You saw a need and you jumped in to help solve it. That is caring about your community. Sheila.


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