Wednesday, April 1, 2015

• Planning Commission Meeting April 2015

Tonight's meeting was about 37 mins... new record for shortest meeting that I've been to... and that isn't some half baked April Fools joke either.

There were only two items on the agenda.

2.1 Oak Creek Canyon (minor changes)
This was continued until next month's meeting at the request of the applicant. This was continued from the meeting before because of a couple of comment letters from the usual cranks. 

The other day we did receive a letter from the Water Quality Control Board. In summary basically the Water Quality Control Board has indicated that there is no evidence that the quality of waters within the area have been, or threatens to be, adversely impacted. 
If you remember, the contention was that the spray fields at The Farm were contaminating the soil. They also did an impromptu inspection of the waste water treatment facility, and they concluded that there was no over spray or irrigation runoff into neighboring properties, and they concluded "We do not believe that any further action is warranted."
—Matt Bassi Planning Director

Commissioner Stan Smith on the topic: 
"I find it interesting that the minute that the experts review all the claims [from the cranks] they find that it's nothing but a lot of smoke and mirrors on behalf of the individuals that objected. Essentially what the letter is saying is there isn't a problem over there, contrary to what Mr. Johnson and his group allege, correct Mr. Bassi?"

"That's what the letter states," Bassi replied.

The vote went 5-0 to continue the item until the next meeting.

2.2 Zoning Ordinance Amendment
This was kind of wonkish to me. It was about cell towers, and from what I was hearing, many times they have to approve changes provided they keep a similar footprint. It had to do with regulations that are being imposed by the FCC.

This passed 5-0, and will play no part in any of our lives.

Planning Director's Report
  • The Parks Master Plan will be going before the City Council at the next meeting. 
  • Re: landscape ordinance, a budget item will be brought forth in July to update the landscape/conservation ordinance that's part of the zoning code.
Assistant City Attorney Report
Two maps that are adjacent to Murrieta Creek, owned by CV Communities, there were public hearings dealing with whether subsequent environmental review was required for these minor changes. We received a favorable ruling in that litigation. The court upheld the city's decision not to 
require additional environmental review.

Commissioner Smith said, "The court supported our position? Good, we're always glad to hear about a win".

And you people ask why would I call that contingent of malcontents cranks... because they earned that distinction over many years of hard work and relentless determination [such as above], that's why.

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  1. Last nights planning commission meeting was a most disturbing event. After not having been in session since mid February the chairman appeared to be in a fog an wishing to be elsewhere. Another commissioner was apparently in the building to to busy to be on time.
    Mr. Taylor asked a valid question about ham radio operators and the cities ability to limit CC&R's on new developments from restricting them entirely as they are not covered by the Telecommunications changes enacted last night. Rather than have staff research this the commission did not appear to understand his question and blew him off. In time of natural disaster this could come back and bite the area in the rear-end.
    Governor Brown issued a drought declaration over a year ago and the city will get around to revisiting our landscape ordinance later this year. All the while the planning commission seems to be lacking any desire to do any work with the laissez faire attitude.
    Kenny Mayes

  2. Ham radio antenna's are ugly and many are unsafe. And why do we continue to see the same people talk about minutae? Are there tons of ham operators in town wanting to build? We see a few around but really talk about some people just wanting to speak or comment for the sake of hearing themselves.

  3. This meeting is really important for community. Being a responsible citizen I will definitely attend this meeting. I am quite eager to get details of Planning Director's Report. Do you know venue of this meeting room. Thanks for the information though!

    1. Why does your comment smell like spam to me?


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