Thursday, May 7, 2015

• Planning Commission Meeting May 2015

When I first looked at the agenda packet I thought it was going to be a quick meeting with little to it. As it turns out there was some pretty interesting things that came up tonight.

If we go down the agenda we hit Public Comments on non agenda items first.

There was only one, and it was by Kenny Mayes and he touched on the need to implement water restrictions sooner than later, street lighting costs, and the meaning of MUPA.

Item 2.1 Oak Creek Canyon Tentative Tract Map Minor Changes
This has been going round and round since before I started paying attention to city meetings. It's a long boring story about beings that sup on sour grapes, trying to stick their finger in the eye of the citizens of Wildomar for NOT electing them to office (or mistakenly electing them once and then promptly dis-electing them two years later.)

There would be nothing to mention here except that Martha Bridges did make it down to the Council Chambers to read a statement. Check out the video for yourself. I can't figure out what her point was. Best I can figure is that she is a bad winner. She sued the city, and she won... but somehow she isn't satisfied that it wasn't mentioned in tonight's agenda forcefully enough.

"I just want to clarify for the commissioners, exactly what this is. It is a misrepresentation. The City of Wildomar was always the chief respondent, and defendant in my lawsuit."

I don't think she can make it any clearer than that. She has cost the tax payers untold thousands of dollars in time running around and playing fetch, as if we were her lapdog. Thing is, the law allows such running amok of individuals and who's to blame her for being smart enough to choose such sport as a hobby? Until our governor realizes that we the people should not be held hostage by such parasites using CEQA laws in a way they weren't intended, and comes with some type of loser pay all costs —more power to her.

Item 2.2 Veizon Cell Tower/Monopine height Variance
It was a 5-0 vote to approve the resolution. As you can see from the pics, there is already an 88 foot tall "monopine" cell tower next to a 50 foot tall tower. The way it stands today, it appears to have been decapitated with someone absconding with the top to use as a Christmas tree. It will be raised by 18 feet and that will give the local areas full service now.

Some suggested that they might as well make the tree the same height as the other one there, instead of having to come back in a few years to do it then. However, it was pointed out that once they get above the obstruction, they don't need to go higher.
This is off of Clinton Keith Road near Murrieta.

Item 2.3 SCE Helipad Conditional Use Permit 
This is one of those things that we're still trying to clean up from the days when we were in the county. This process was started back in 2006 and I can't imagine why it took them this long to get it done. It's basically giving SCE permission to fly helicopters in and out of their Wildomar Service Center.

They say that they'll be flying fewer than half a dozen times a year, unless there is an emergency. There are already plenty of other helicopter flights in our area and the worry of noise is really a silly one. The mention of light pollution was brought up, and the applicant explained how their lighting was all being done according to city code.

The best part of this agenda item is that it was the catalyst for an evening at The Improv at the dais. I cover that more at the end.

Item 2.4 Giant RV Conditional Use Permit
I must have read this one too fast when I first saw it. It wasn't until this agenda item came up and I was watching the staff's presentation that I realized what was coming to Wildomar. This isn't just some local repair shop, this is a dealership. This is going to bring us needed tax dollars as they sell big ticket items. 
As I was watching the powerpoint presentation, I jotted down some notes because I wanted to speak on this. I am in favor of this business coming here. It's an RV Dealer that is well established and will be bringing 15 to 20 permanent jobs with it.

They are going to turn the current dumpy lot into a place that Wildomar can be proud of. As it is, the current metal building, which is to stay, will get fresh paint and the adjacent sports areas —that have always been an eyesore— will be coming out; from the cheap looking netting strung up, to the nuisance signage that is currently there. When Giant RV gets there, they plan on running a first class operation.
The green and the blue areas will be removed.

Some people mentioned a few concerns. Noise, traffic, light pollution.

Noise... from parked RVs? They won't be doing any engine work there. Nothing more intense than a brake job. When it comes to the service department, they are mostly going to be installing upgrades into RVs.

It was stated that they only sell newer used RVs. When they do take a trade of an older "coach" they take it to the auction. This is just not a high volume type of business. It's not a Starbucks that makes it's money $3 at a time. Traffic won't be any different than when the previous business was opened there.

When lighting was mentioned, and the comparison to car lots with bright lights on all night was made, the owner said there will be three security lights along the perimeter, but the lot lights will be out by closing. They don't like watching their profits go to the electric company. They'll have a uniformed guard that patrols the lot on a golf cart.

I went up to the applicants after the meeting to ask them when they were hoping to be opened. Of course they have to go through the city's labyrinth first, but if all goes well, they're hoping to be opened in around two months. Hey Cheri and Katie, I mentioned that he should join the Chamber of Commerce and he even suggested having a mixer there once he gets open. So I've got dibs on the referral. ☺

For full disclosure, just ask anyone that knows me and they'll tell you I'm not an RV guy. I'm just happy to see something like this coming to town.
There won't be any RV's like the one on the left at the Giant RV location in Wildomar...
but I'm guessing they'll still be littering Windsong Valley like they always have.
Item 2.5 Zoning Ordinance Amendment
This was in response to Council Member Walker bringing this up.
(Here's a copy and paste from a previous blog about it)

From the previous City Council Meeting blog
Tim Walker would like to streamline the process for people looking to build large garages on their own properties. Today, if the building is over 20'x20' you have to go through several hoops that will add at least $4,000 to your garage. The rest of the council looked to be in agreement that it should be a future agenda item.

It was voted 5-0 and the Council will deal with it next.

Rounding out the meeting were some announcements.

  • Saturday May 9th at Elsinore High School and Ronald Reagan Elementary there will be a clean up day. 
  • Saturday May 9th at Ace Hardware there will be a BBQ from 10-2 with proceeds going to the restoration of the Wildomar Chamber of Commerce building. Kid's of all ages are invited.
  • May 27th, a Wednesday at noon, at the Library, will be an RTA Now meeting.
  • June 6th health and Fitness Fair, also Bicycle Safety Event at Marna O'Brien Park.

Now for a look on the lighter side. Tonight's meeting had Chairman Langworthy lay a few eggs in the joke department. Nothing bad, but nothing too good either. A couple of zingers that missed their mark... at least I'm willing to give her credit for just missing while trying to be funny... a dangerous endeavor when at the dais.

The sound isn't the greatest, but with some titles and with the help of Herb Alpert and his Tijuana Taxi tune, you'll get the drift. Nice thing about Veronica is that she has a sense of humor and will find my sub-juvenile video humorous.

•      •       
“Who is rich? He who rejoices in his portion”
—one of my all time favorite quotes


  1. The cartoon that should appear above is one with rolling eyeballs showing dollar signs, complete it with cash register sound and you have a picture of the Wildomar Planning Commission.
    Listen carefully to the representative of the RV dealership and you hear, initial sales of the vehicles are conducted in Murrieta (point of sale) at which time the vehicle will be sent to Wildomar for final check out and up selling of accessories. The labor charges for the installation of these accessories is not taxable. Labor for warranty repairs or replacement of existing parts is not taxable. The expected revenues to the city for this facility are grossly misrepresented. Prediction - one of the signs will direct customers down the road to the Murrieta showroom to purchase vehicles.
    Kenny Mayes

    1. When I spoke I did ask about the meaning of what a "delivery center" meant. I know that many years ago a family member of mine had two boat dealerships, in two different counties. Until the second location was fully equipped with the same selection of boats, sometimes a purchase was made in location A, and delivered to location B. The last thing that most businesses care about is what local municipality gets their sales tax as they simply send it to the state.

      But, like my comment last night... I'd still be for it for all the other reasons of having a quality business in town would bring with it.

  2. So Kenny is griping again? It must be a day of the week that ends in "y".


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