Tuesday, May 5, 2015

• AFV Gets Donation From Local Business

Today Animal Friends of the Valleys received a donation from Go Green Realty for over $1800.

Tiffany Smith, of Go Green Realty, is second from the left.

I asked Tiffany Smith what today's event was about.

Today we're presenting a check to Animal Friends of the Valleys, as well as to the Village Scholarship Board. Both checks were from the sale of a house in Orange County. The sellers chose to donate to these worthy local non profits. With Go Green Realty, when we represent you as a buyer or a seller, we rebate our profits [in the form of a donation]. We empower our buyers and sellers to help with social enterprise, to help the local community and to make a difference in the area that they live in.

From what I understand, as a way to give back to the community, Go Green Realty earmarks a certain percentage of their commission to be donated to a nonprofit of their client's choice. As you can see from the figures on the display checks in the picture, it isn't just a token amount.

In addition to the check ceremony, Go Green Realty did a two-fer by having a ribbon cutting ceremony at the same time... as they've recently joined the Wildomar Chamber of Commerce.

Holding the ribbon is Gary Brown, Betty Copple, Sandra Tordoff, Tiffany Smith, Judy Gugliemana, not sure, Karen Twyman.

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I enjoyed the taco bar that Go Green provided as refreshment (it being Cinco de Mayo and all)... though they had a spectacular Tres Leches Cake, I opted for thirds on the main meal and skipped the dulces. ☺

While it needs talent to weather adversity, it requires genius to survive prosperity.
 — E. G. Marshall


  1. Thanks for the great article Joseph!!

  2. I was so happy to be a part of this milestone event, glad to see such a great turn out. Tacos and cake were delicious as well. I also had the opportunity to check out the Animal Friends of the Valley's wonderful facility. -Todd Wildomar Resident


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