Saturday, June 6, 2015

• Big Day at Marna O'Brien Park

Today was a combo event at Marna O'Brien Park. It was part bicycle safety event, part Health & Fitness Fair, part ribbon cutting for the Murrieta Creek Trail and also a Volkswalk... all on National Trails Day.

The day started at 8:00am, though the Rotary members were there well before that to set things up. Boy Scout Troop 332 sold breakfast burritos, and they even passed an actual food prep inspection and received an A grade. They sold out of the 50 they made half way through the day.

There were many vendor booths, I counted almost two dozen of them and I heard estimates between 300 and 400 people that attended throughout the morning.
Here is a look at the safety course that young bike riders maneuvered through.

There was a bloodmobile, the most current RTA bus on display, the Game Master (He's been to a few other events in Wildomar and he keeps the kids busy with outdoor games), a DJ/MC, dances by Hollywood Dance, and of course the BMX Stunt Guys.

The adult cyclists that had ridden the entire trail from Temecula to Lake Elsinore had commented how Wildomar's event was the best of the bunch. 

It was really a day made for pictures and so I made a brief video montage where the pictures only get about 2.5 seconds of screen time. Take a look and enjoy a peek at the the day if you missed it, or take another look if you were there.

Stat Time

  • Over 100 cyclists ranging from age 2 to 12 took part in the bicycle safety training.
  • Last count on walkers was 37.
  • 29 blood donations.
  • Four ladies actually walked the whole course from Temecula to Lake Elsinore.
Kenny Mayes got his "Passport" stamped at all 4 events.

Tug O'War was a big hit at the end of the day. It had the Boy Scouts against all comers. Each side ended won once.
Early in the day Doug Ames tried to get me to go donate blood. It was still early and the one time I'd given blood before, it took 35 mins and it felt kind of the way a clothes pin might feel if it was pinching the inside skin on the elbow. I was trying to avoid it, and almost did until another friend, Jeremy Swann, mentioned it at the end of the day.

I went in there and jumped through the hoops. First thing you do is fill in a form and answer some questions. Then you wait. Then you go into a small room and answer 48 more questions. Then they prick your finger and you wait.

Once I got to the area where I laid down, and they tapped my vein, I was surprised that it was less than 15 mins. It could have been as short as 10 mins at that. Then I got some water, juice and chips and rested for 15 mins. I may have to do this more often.
My daughter gives blood regularly... I'll have to tell her I just deposited my second pint in 17 years.

This event couldn't have come off without the tireless efforts of the volunteers. I'm not going to try and name them all because I'd be sure to leave out some key people. Thanks for all you do to make Wildomar a nicer place.
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Childhood's work is learning, and it is in his play... that the child works at his job. — Caroline Pratt

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