Tuesday, June 16, 2015

• CERT Safety Sessions: Ham Radio

Tonight's CERT safety session was about Ham Radios in times of emergencies.

Karl Gronbach and Tim Crowder of Golden Triangle Amateur Radio Club gave the presentation after being introduced by Wildomar Public Works Superintendent Les Chapman.
Les Chapman (L) speaking about the importance of CERT training while Karl Gronbach (R) looks on.
CERT members were encouraged to get their Ham Radio Lic. The license is free, but the test is $15. There is a study book that costs about $30 but you can get all the same info online. There are sites dedicated to getting you ready for the test (HamExam link).

I enjoyed seeing the different radios that Karl had in his Go Box. A lot of expensive gadgets to be sure, though he was mentioning a good hand held that you could get for $50 too. Like with any other hobby, if you get the bug, you'll probably end up with an array of items that cost a pretty penny.

This Go Box is battery equipped and ready to go to work even when all power in the world is out.

The next CERT safety session is the second Tuesday in September (9-15-15). If you're a CERT member, please make a point of coming. 

Also for CERT members, Saturday June 27th, from 9am to 2pm, is the City of Temecula Annual CERT Exercise (read flyer for more details). It'll be a good refresher course and if you've been through CERT training, I'm sure you don't want to forget it... right? ☺

For more information on Golden Triangle Amateur Radio Club please visit their website (link).

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The first annual Wildomar Rap "best pizza in town" contest has yet to be scheduled... but it just may happen.

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