Saturday, June 13, 2015

• Movie Night at Windsong Park: Home

Max Capacity at Windsong Park to see the Dream Works picture "Home"

This was easily the largest crowd to attend a Wildomar movie since the parks reopening last year... even larger than any at Marna O'Brien Park. The estimates were 250 to 300 people. 

There were so many families in attendance. It was great to see so many kids at play in the peaceful setting of Windsong Park. Running around in the grassy area, playing on the playground equipment, using the basketball courts and one family playing a net-less volleyball game.

I'm thinking that next year's movie at Windsong might want to have a concessionaire too. ☺

The pictures don't make it seem as crowded as it was, but it was wall to wall people. Click the pics to see more detail.
A look from the screen towards the play area.

I was chatting with Bob and Margie Amos under one of the pagodas about a children's book she's written (spoiler alert: That'll be a topic for a future blog) and my back was to the screen. When our conversation was over I turned around and couldn't believe all the people I was seeing. I was asking city staffer Janet Morales, parks man Daniel Torres and sound guy Doug Gates how many people they thought were there and the consensus was close to 250.
Looking from the street.

Before I left I saw city council member Tim Walker and I asked him for his guess and he scanned the crowd for about ten seconds and put his guess at 250 also. Then he looked at the play area and revised it up to as much as 300. When I reminded him that the movie license was for 250 people, he smiled and said, "Well, we can't count kids under eight," with that patented Tim Walker laugh punctuating it.

Reminder that the next movie in the park is at Marna O'Brien Park on June 27th. The movie will be Penguins of Madagascar. It'll also be Camp Out at the Park Night too.

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