Saturday, July 4, 2015

• 4th of July Parade... The Farm Style

Happy Birthday USA!

Today was a fun morning over at The Farm in Wildomar. They celebrated Uncle Sam's birthday with a parade that wound it's way through the community, something they've been doing since 1977, on a circuit that took about an hour to drive.

There were about half a dozen decked out golf carts, and about a dozen or so cars (including a 1923 Ford) followed by a Station 68 fire truck bring up the rear.

This is basically an event that is closed to those outside of The Farm. We were guests of The Farm resident, and The Farm Facebook Group moderator, Mary Haire. I'm thinking this was her first parade at The Farm since things didn't go quite as planned.

First I just thought we were going to watch the parade. Then I thought we were going to walk in the parade. Soon we found that we were going to have a car in the parade too. 

Good thing our car is just right color of blue for a patriotic parade. ☺

Also in our group was Council Member Bridgette Moore. We actually started the parade on foot, behind the blue Rap-Mobile, and things were pretty good for about 3 mins.

Then we got out of the area with gravel and onto the main roads. Right away we saw George Taylor, long time Wildomar resident out at The Farm, as he was videotaping the parade. He asked if we were going to walk the parade route in a surprised tone.

"Yes" we replied, and went on our way with big smiles. Then we noticed that our ride was about to disappear around the corner, as we'd been left in the dust. Somehow, we thought this was going to be a slower, more traditional parade. Silly us.

Earlier I had done the math in my head. The number of miles divided by the one hour event time and knew the pace was going to be past human capacity... but I ignored that little voice that was trying to communicate with the rest of me.

Luckily, when we got to the first cross street, I saw a flagman about 200 yards up the street. Though the parade had gone a couple of blocks on before turning left, I suggested we go right and see if we couldn't head them off at the pass.

We got there just in time to see the front of the parade. In fact, one of the people in one of the leading cars looked at us in a confused manner and asked, "Aren't you two in the parade?"

We laughed, as we rejoiced, at seeing the Rap-Mobile come around the corner just in time to save us.

What a beautiful sight to see... our Knightess, Grace Morabito, in shining Honda CRV armor.
From there it is was a spectacular time. People were out in front of their houses, on corners, or down at the street's edge as they were waving American flags and exchanged smiles and "Happy 4ths" with us as we drove by.
Dena Piraino was in front of her home, with one of the best shirts I saw out there and waving a flag.

Some of the cars in the parade were tossing candy out to the watchers.
One of countless groups of people out celebrating Independence Day.

What a fun event, and afterward they had a big community barbecue, but we headed back home. If you live in The Farm, check out their Facebook page to stay up on the latest news there.

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America was not built on fear. America was built on courage, on imagination, and an unbeatable determination to do the job at hand. ― Harry S. Truman


  1. Exclusionary events such as this attended by any council member is why WILDOMAR will never be a cohesive community. The walls need to come down. There should be no "The Farm" or Windsong, or the eastside, westside, rural, sedco,or on and on, it should only be WILDOMAR. All for one and one for all.
    Kenny Mayes

  2. Anyone is free to attend the Farm parade, as it is on public streets. What do you have against people gathering in groups with common interests or in neigborhoods? Do you feel left out for some reason? Your complaint makes no sense. Come on Ken. Sheila


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