Wednesday, July 8, 2015

• City Council Meeting July 2015

After many months, the new city council chamber was ready for business tonight. What a great improvement over the old set up. There are several large video screens for easy viewing of any presentations, and the audio is much better too.

Here is one of the new video screens.
There are a couple of short comings. First there is a supporting beam that is right in the middle of the room, and though it is where the center row is, it does interrupt how people in the back can see all the members. Second, the chamber is deep instead of wide, so even the front row is further away from the dais than the old back row was.

All in all it's a great improvement from the old council chambers.

Before the council meeting there was a brief open house where cake was served.

Bridgette Moore, Bob Cashman, Marsha Swanson, Ben Benoit and Tim Walker.

The meeting itself was the quickest one I've been too. It was over just over half an hour after it started. There really wasn't much to speak about that came out of the meeting.

There was a presentation where Mayor Ben Benoit and Mayor Pro-Tem Bridgette Moore give recognition to Jake Moore for achieving the rank of Eagle Scout.

Still trying to figure out the lighting and best place to stand for pictures.

The few items on the agenda all passed 5-0 with little discussion.

So the only real thing to share was Miss Miller doing what Miss Miller does best. Entertaining us in new and exciting ways. Last time she asked to be escorted out, but didn't have the nerve to follow through. Tonight she waited until the officer came and escorted her out... as if she was at a wedding waiting to be seated by an usher.

She basically referenced the camera and wanted me to post it. I had a good mind not to, but I know that many people never seem to grow tired of her antics so here it is.

But If she does it next time, I won't be uploading it unless it's truly spectacular. She'll have to throw a glitter bomb, deliver a pie in the face, take her close off and streak around, ride a unicycle, walk on stilts, do a dramatic reenactment of a classic movie scene or something awesome.

Otherwise, I'm going to be adopting Major League Baseball's policy of when fans run on the field. They do NOT allow it to be broadcast on TV so as to discourage copycats.

Reminder that tomorrow, July 9, 2015 will be a Wildomar Chamber of Commerce mixer right back in the same room... though the dais will be closed off. From 5:30 to 7:00pm.

Also remember that this Saturday, at Marna O'Brien Park there will be a Wildomar birthday bash. Check the flyer for the details.

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  1. It was a sad night for the city of Wildomar. This ostentatious display of grandeur, marred by the erect shaft separating the speaker from the ever present miniscule audience. A city that claims on every occasion possible how broke they are has the audacity to display the city seal not once but 5 times, 4 of them on ginormous monitors, of which only 3 were present last evening. Two of these monitors will face a dais where council and staff have tablets that display the very information that is to be presented on these monitors, information they are supposed to have already seen. Last evening also saw the attendance of a new face amongst staff, that got barely a mention, a new accounting person all the while this city continues to operate without a "City Treasurer".
    Kenny Mayes

    1. Always unhappy about something arent you ken? Have you not seen other cities council chambers? From what Joseph has posted ours looks pretty standard. I can hardly wait to see for myself the ostentatious grandeur.sheila

  2. Thanks for my giggle snort of the day
    (I'm of course referring to Miss Miller.)
    Dena Piraino


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