Saturday, July 11, 2015

• City Birthday Bash at Marna O'Brien

It was a fun night at Wildomar's Marna O'Brien Park as the city celebrated its 7th birthday.

It started at 5:00pm with a car show featuring The Drifters Car Club and various vendors. Then at 6:00pm The Fabulous Woodies played surf music until 8:00pm when there was a '50s costume contest. 
On the left is Dan York, winner of the contest on the men's side, the other guy is me.
There was a shave ice vendor along with one that was selling hot dogs and nachos and the like. Over at the main snack bar, drinks were available for $1 and was being run by Kids Worldwide. A group that is looking to put on youth basketball leagues in the parks. I look forward to learning more about them soon.
You can't get any cuter than the kids that entered the contest. 
The evening concluded with the classic movie Grease. Thank you to the team that made this possible. Let's spread the word to more of Wildomar's residents for the next city event. Which happens to be Wildomar Community Night at the Lake Elsinore Storm game.

Part of the proceeds will be going to Wildomar VFW... plus you'll be getting a shirt out of the deal plus a fun night out. See you there.

Check out the video produced by Jack Neal of TemescalNewsdotcom.

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There are few treasures that exceed the wealth of good times with good friends. ― Joseph Morabito


  1. Another anemic event, that's what three in one week. What with the overflow crowd at the city council meeting where council members were elevated above the lowly citizens that bother to attend, the chamber mixer where almost enough attended for the city to warrant opening the doors, after all it was after hours and the price should have been more, oh wait a minute, there was nothing on the council agenda establishing a fee schedule along the lines of the parks reservation system. You know the one that hasn't been updated since 2009. And now this an event where one council member proclaims they picked the movie, guess what? that council member picks all the movies as there is no parks department or commission to do otherwise.
    Wake up Wildomar your city is bleeding apathy, even Ms. Miller has more concern than most and apparently has the council concerned enough to change the rules in order to throttle her, out of fear? maybe.
    Kenny Mayes

    1. "Bleeding apathy"?
      Could be. The people sure don't seem to care about much more than silly facebook rows or if KFC closed it's doors. Nothing else seems to concern them.

      I've been here since 2001. My kids went to the schools and my youngest played in the little league for two years, but we never thought about being part of the community beyond that. I attribute that to the fact that back then we still felt more attachment with our old city, and most weekends we were out of town at relatives houses. I'm not sure how much of that is true for other people that live in Wildomar or not, but I'm beginning to think that the people that live in the 92595 just do not care. It has nothing to do with the efforts of the council, it has more to do with the people that have chosen to do something else with their time.

      One thing that is for sure, we will NEVER know how much the Parks and Recreation offerings would be utilized had a group of malcontents not been hellbent on closing the parks here. That interruption cannot be blithely discounted as the parks have now been reopened for a whopping 15 months.

  2. The only one who needs to wake up is you Kenny. The rest of us are pretty darn happy here. We like having a nice city council chamber. We like the increasing options being offered in the parks. We know that with 3 parks, just recently reopened, your silly whining about the parks reservation system not being updated since 2009 is just that, silly. If you have better ideas for events or movies and want to be taken seriously, try speaking up with positive ideas and try partnering and being a volunteer at an event. Or keep on complaining and being ineffectual. You might want to look around though and ask yourself if maybe you are the one out of touch with what Wildomar residents want. When is the last time you asked anyone else for their opinion?


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