Thursday, July 9, 2015

• New Council Chambers, Another Look

Last night was the maiden voyage for the new City Council Chambers and tonight was the first community event in there. Luckily the entire chamber was opened so I was able to take some pictures to give you a better I idea of how it looks.
This is what you see as you look towards the dais from the entry doors.

I'm standing behind the lectern for this shot.

The event was Wildomar Chamber of Commerce hosting a mixer. The room was full as Pie Nation pizza was being enjoyed by the attendees. Thanks Pie Nation!

This shot was taken from the back of the room looking towards the dais.

What  a great new asset for Wildomar. I was asking Mayor Ben Benoit if the room could be rented out for things like Senior Art Classes as an example, and he responded with a resounding yes. He did mention that the rates are different in the day time hours versus the night time hours. Primarily because a city staffer would have to stay overtime so that they could lock up.

The panoramic doesn't give the room it's due.
For those that may be new to the area, City Hall and the New Council Chambers are in the south end of the Albertson's shopping center off of Clinton Keith. If you'd like to stay up on city events be sure to sign up for the city's Stay Connected option.

Reminder that this Saturday is a city party. Be sure to come out for the car show that starts at 5:00pm, followed by live music that begins at 6:00pm, and then the movie Grease that starts at 8:30pm. Don't be fooled by the posted start time, it's about 8:15pm on a cloudy evening as I'm typing and it's still not dark enough for an outdoor movie. ☺ Be sure to bring blankets and chairs.

Also there is supposed to be prizes for best '50s costumes. So guys that means you're supposed to come dressed as either James Dean, Arthur Fonzerelli, Richie Cunningham or Ward Cleaver. The ladies are supposed to dress in poodle skirts, as Marilyn Monroe, young Elizabeth Taylor, Bette Davis or Sandy Dumbrowski (look it up).

Come out and have some fun!

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Backward, turn backward, O time, in thy flight; Make me a child again, just for tonight. ― Elizabeth Chase Allen

Wildomar Rap is not a city service. It's just one guy that is fueled by curiosity and creativity, and his lovely wife telling him what to do

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