Sunday, August 16, 2015

• Movie Night at the Park: Back to the Future

Marna O'Brien was the site for Back to the Future movie night at the park. Despite scorching daytime temps, my car said 110 in the shade, a good sized crowd turned out to watch the classic movie as it turned 30 years old.

Team Time Car, with "Doc" Nigh and his replica Delorean time machine, hosted a Q&A before the movie. Some of the trivia questions were definitely for the hardcore fans as they did go way off the beaten path.

The snack bar was being run by the Wildomar Historical Society.

Kristan Lloyd and her family prepared stuffed baked potatoes with the proceeds going towards the Brown House project. Three styles were offered: meatballs with marinara sauce; meatballs with gravy; and a vegetarian dish with broccoli and cheese.

Not your typical park food, but so good to eat.
The next Movie in the Park will be Saturday August 29th and the movie will be The Croods. The listed start time is "approximately 8:15PM" (but come earlier than that), the snack bar will be operated by Venture Crew 332 and there will be a chance to purchase and paint a tile that will go on the back wall of the snack bar starting at 5:00PM.

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