Saturday, August 15, 2015

• Animal Friends of the Valleys: Clear the Shelters

What is Clear the Shelters?

Aug. 15, hundreds of shelters across the country are taking part in a nationwide push to find homes for pets in need. Many organizations have agreed to cut the cost of adoption for the one-day event, organized in partnership with NBC Owned Television Stations and Telemundo Stations Group.

I dropped by AFV around 4:00PM, while my car still was registering 110 degrees as the ambient temp, to see the place filled with people. Nearly every parking spot was taken, and once inside I saw people were in every quadrant of the shelter looking at animals. 

A look at the lobby, which is showing only about half of those that were in that part of the building at the moment.
Though they were slammed, the staff was nice enough to help me out with the stats they had gathered as of my visit. 

66 animals had been adopted, whereas a typical Saturday might have 30. 

I asked if it was busier than usual and they gave me that look... you know the look... the look that says "you can't be serious... right?" ☺

The official numbers won't be ready until Monday, but 66 adoptions, while there were plenty more in progress, is a good sign for many fury creatures.

This is a national event and I took a screenshot of the current nationwide numbers.
Click to visit official website of the event
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You can always tell about somebody by the way they put their hands on an animal.
—  Betty White

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