Wednesday, August 5, 2015

New Businesses Coming to Wildomar

Two eateries and a Pet Spa coming soon.
Yellow Basket has had a sign up for quite sometime on the empty pad in front of Barons, but they have finally broken ground and the foundation is about to be poured. I asked one of the workers if they had an end date in mind and the estimate was about 2 and a half months, or sometime in October they should be opening.

A look at the early progress before the foundation is even poured.

I've seen the Yellow Basket in Temecula for years, but have never eaten there. I went over to their website and took a look at the menu.

They have a pretty extensive breakfast menu; a basic "Mexican food" menu; a complete hamburger-hot dog menu; a dinner menu that includes NY Steak, Fish, Pork Chops, Fried Chicken and more; and a dessert line-up too. They didn't post prices so I have no idea if they are reasonably priced or not.

Front windows of the new Pet Spa that is coming.

Also opening soon is Natalie's Rascals. There is an official Grand Opening ribbon cutting coming Saturday, August 22nd. It is next door to Baron's to the east (the left side if you're looking at Barons).

I also noticed that there will be a new eating house in the same plaza. It's called China One and it's going into the old Poblano's slot next to Stadium Pizza. I didn't see any proposed dates of opening posted.

I wonder what will be on the menu here.
The scuttlebutt is that a Steak 'n Shake was angling to go into the vacant KFC building but lease details couldn't be agreed upon.

Now that Sycamore Academy has moved out of Renaissance Plaza (they're moving into their new campus on Palomar this school year) that is opening up a ton of opportunities for even more new business to open here. The old gates are down and they are getting the former school rooms prepped for new occupants. Can't wait to see what comes next.

It was just brought to my attention that the new Subway on Bundy Canyon just opened today. I had been wondering when it was going to open up. 

Thanks to Mayor Ben Benoit for sending me some pics that I could use.

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  1. Its pretty sad when in a city that is always complaining about the lack of business and tax revenue one has to hear about business openings in a blog. With the lack of any real new outlet one would hope the slack would be picked up by the City or the Chamber of Commerce. The city website news and information page hasn't been updated since 2010. The Chamber of Commerce page shows why these organizations are irrelevant as they focus on mixers and real estate office openings.
    Kenny Mayes

  2. There he goes again making no sense. It seems Kenny does not understand the roles of chambers of commerce or City government. A chamber only celebrates the businesses that are a part of the organization. The city does support new businesses but can hardly be expected to turn the city website into an advertising site. It is very common for bloggers or fb groups or twitter to be the sources of information nowadays. Additionally it is the responsibility of business owners to get the word out about their business. Marketing a business always seems easy to those that have nit had to do it. I suppose Kenny expects to have updates sent out via email from the cityon all new businesses?

    1. What I do understand is that in the last few years a number of businesses, not supported by the Chamber of Commerce, are no longer here. KFC, Long John Silver an Arby's to name just a few. When asked if there used to be an LJS in Wildomar, on one of the chambers web presence the answer was, I don't know, I will have to check. The Subway got a mention only after they joined the Chamber. This makes the Chamber irrelevant, as blackmail is not the way. Much like that online service that is slowly sinking into the abyss because of the same tactic so goes Chambers of Commerce across the country.
      If the City of Wildomar chooses to not mention the new businesses pulling permits to operate in their town, so be it, these entities will soon understand the lack of support they will receive and be gone.
      Kenny Mayes

  3. ~ Thank you Kenny Mayes for your comments and articles on various blogs and on the Patch. Many of us do appreciate you in the community. The folks who write for the W.Rap are basic PR extensions of Wildomar city. That is not a good thing. ~

    1. I didn't know that Patch was still afloat.

      If you want to see needless hatchet jobs against Wildomar, I suggest a blog called TheWildomarTimex... or it might be called TheWildomarWatchman. That blog is all lies all the time with one accusation after another. Not a good word is said about anything even remotely connected to the city. The problem is that I think that blog is updated only two or three times a year... because there just isn't that much negativity to report on... even for an ax grinder.

      Still, I'm happy you've found this blog even if reading it nauseates you. ☺

      ~ I like your curious use of the tilde too ~

  4. No chamber anywhere supports those that aren't part of their organization. Have you ever run a business Kenny? Do you participate in any organization? Do you work with the community, or do you just stand on the sidelines pouting? We know you rely on the Patch to post your written ramblings. Your reference to some online service is another odd comment that again reminds us that you and Miss Miller are cut from the same cloth. Many of us appreciate Joseph's blog because he gives facts and he doesn't try and hide his opinion as facts. We also appreciate that he admits the possibility of other viewpoints.

    1. Speaking of Miss Miller, she was sitting on the ground, leaning against the wall of Barons, when I was taking pics for this blog. I would have gone up to her and chatted, but she can't disengage from her persona from a minute and just have a conversation about the weather.

      Thanks for the opinions of my blog. I get along with nearly everyone (except for a few sourpusses that can't get along with anyone) and don't see the value in making enemies for no reason.

  5. I've been trying to work with the city on flooding problems that have existed for years. Dealing with the fence posts who run "podunk" is damn near impossible. One of the biggest problems is someone who calls himself an engineer and has probably never been to school at all. Yes, he has all of the "bumpkins" bamboozled!!! Truth be known about what is going on here, it would make the former councilmen of the City of Bell look like Abe Lincoln!! No planning for schools, police department, fire department etc.------but plenty of plans for housing tracts are getting the "green light" in the worst drought on record. Not to mention the three story high density apartments which will soon be known as the "Wildomar Projects". Time to vote for some honest and educated people to run this city who won't be so concerned about builders putting money into their back pockets!!!!

    1. Thanks for your comment. I'm not sure what to make of it. Sorry you've had trouble when dealing with the city. Is possible that you're just impossible to deal with?

      When you mention "no planning for schools" that tells me you don't really know what the purview of a city council is. That's the School Board's job.

      You also have no idea what you're talking about when you mention "Wildomar Projects" as they are more expensive than the average rent for houses in tracts like Windsong and similar places.

      Then you say, "Time to vote for some honest and educated people to run this city who won't be so concerned about builders putting money into their back pockets!!!!" which tells me that you haven't actually paid any attention to things going on in this city.

      By all means, run for council. Oh but wait. We've been forced to switch to districts so you may not be able to run until 2018. Also, if you're in a district with Ben Benoit, Tim Walker, Marsha Swanson or Bridgette Moore you might as well not waste your time. With districts, those have become safe seats since they will blow the doors off of any competition dumb enough to challenge them.

      Last, what a despicable insult you've hurled at the fine members of the council. No one has taken a dime. You sound like you must be good friends with Miss Miller, because she's the only other person that has been daft enough to suggest such a baseless thing. If you think someone is on the take, place a call to RivCo DA Mike Hestrin already, don't post it on my blog.


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