Wednesday, August 12, 2015

• City Council Meeting August 2015

It was a fairly short meeting with only one real agenda item (3.1).

Going down the agenda we start with notes from the closed session.

This is where we get updates from the city attorney about pending cases against the city.

Item A was dealing with a case that will be settled with the city's insurance carrier (PARSAC) paying $27,500 and the case will be dismissed. The issue was dealing with a car accident (those were all the details I could get.)

Item B was a case challenging the city's adoption of the General Plan. A few months ago the trial judge ruled in favor of the city, but heaven forbid the knotheads behind this suit think that the ruling of some pedestrian trial judge be good enough for them, so they appealed and the city council unanimously voted to defend the appeal.

Steve Beach as Rotary Club Citizen of the Year.
L-R: Bridgette Moore, members of Cal Fire, Ben Benoit, Steve Beach,
Marsha Swanson, Tim Walker, Bob Cashman, Joel Vela.

Dave Fontneau was speaking about Cops For Kids and some of the upcoming fundraisers they will be having. (see posters at bottom of the blog)

Left to Right: Marsha Swanson, Bridgette Moore, Ben Benoit, Dave Fontenot, Time Walker, Bob Cashman.
Foreground: hands of Janet Morales working the DSLR.

Public Comments (on non agenda items)

  • Sheila Urlaub was discussing Lost Road.
  • Kenny Mayes spoke on a several things including the city website.
  • Joseph Morabito suggested a second clock should be added to the council chambers.

3.1 Community Meeting Room and Rental Policy

This passed 5-0 and here is the takeaway from it.

The room is can be rented for $8 an hour. That is with a $100 deposit and a $30 processing fee.

To prevent people from trying to open up a business at city hall, you can only rent the room once a month... though there is an exception if you are a non-profit organization.

Wednesdays and Sundays the room isn't available.

I asked for some clarification about what the $30 processing fee was for. It covers the paperwork and confirming insurance coverage. It is only charged once per year per group.

I then asked if there was a small group, that isn't organized yet, that wanted to rent the room, but didn't have insurance, if there was a provision for them. The answer is yes, and you can get insurance through the city... though that sounded like an ordeal in itself to me.

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A reminder of things coming up:
Chamber Mixer at the Santa Rosa Plateau Thursday August 13th and a movie in the park Saturday the 15th.

From the Cops For Kids website.

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"Knowledge comes but wisdom lingers." Which is why a 'little knowledge' is a dangerous thing, but a little wisdom can save the world. 
—  EG Marshall, CBS Radio Mystery Theater


  1. BOLG - is that anything like dot COM vs. dot ORG . But after all that it doesn't matter as both take you to the same place. (Maybe down the soon to be improved Lost Road).
    Kenny Mayes

    1. I seem to rely too heavily on spellcheck.

      But you missed my misspelling of Dave Fontneau's name.

  2. What is a fairy short meeting? Is there fairy tall in Wildomar?

    1. You can tell that my proof reader took the night off.

  3. I was a bit bummed miss Miller didn't show up. Sheila

  4. Hey Sheila
    It was a typical boorish meeting without the virtuoso of Wildomar present. Maybe you could add to the interest of the evening by letting us unimportant masses know (noticed you had to ask at a council meeting) what is happening with Lost Road.
    Kenny Mayes


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