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• Better Know a Wildomar Business: Natalie's Rascals

Do you already know about Natalie's Rascals? 

If not, it's a doggie pet spa and more... they service cats too, located right next to Barons Market on Clinton Keith Road and owned by Natalie Cornwell.
A look at the front of Natalie's Rascals.
The first thing you notice when you enter is how clean and tidy it is. Actually, if you see the other rooms, you'll find that is a theme throughout Natalie's Rascals. Below you can see the front area which includes the check in area, and the fenced doggie day care area.

I wanted to do a blog about Natalie's as soon as I heard of them, but my Shih Tzu Vinny needed to let his fur grow out a bit to put the groomers to the test first. ☺

When you first arrive they have you fill out a grooming contract. It is rather comprehensive, but you only have to fill it out on your first visit.

Next, your canine companion goes into the clipping area for an assessment. I was asked how I wanted the cut to look, how short, etc. From there my Vinny went to the elevated tub area for a thorough wash. Our groomer was Paloma, and she took great care of Vinny, and took time to clean all the nooks and crannies too.
A couple of views of Vinny while at Natalie's Rascals and his groomer Paloma.
During his bath, he basically received a facial with a lot of care given given to his ears. He was in doggie heaven... wait, that doesn't sound right... let's say he was in doggie nirvana instead. ☺

The tub area has three tubs in it.
From there he went to the drying room. They have a few options for that. Towels, blowers, and cage dryers. Though they only use those "as a last resort and are fully monitored." 
A look at the drying room.
After the dog is dry, they go to the groomer's table to get all spiffied up. Once Vinny got to this stage, I decided to duck out so as not to be a distraction. He was ready in about an hour, though the timing varies depending on many factors.
Look at that transformation! This picture is from Natalie's Rascals.
They do this for many of their clients. There are many on their website.
Some random facts in no particular order
• Right now they are only open five days a week, 9 to 5, closed Sundays and Mondays, but their goal is to be a seven day a week operation. 

• They are serious about providing a safe and healthy environment, so they have a pretty strict policy about your pets being vaccinated. 

• There are four employees, all are Pet CPR & First Aid Certified, three have vet's assistant experience.

• Natalie has a comprehensive website, with complete bios of the groomers, the services and prices, and her blog.

• They do not use heated dryers, so your dog won't end up getting skin irritation due to heat.

• The self serve dog wash gets you access to tub, soaps, towels and dryers for $15.

I asked Natalie about her experience in Wildomar so far.
We're excited to be here. Wildomar has been awesome. I'm so happy that we got this location —I can't say that enough. The Chamber has been awesome, the city has been awesome, the ribbon cutting was beautiful. Everyone in the community has been really nice. Our customers are so supportive.

On the day of their grand opening.
The center is really nice and then the people... when we were looking into this location, city officials reached out to me... before I had the chance to reach out to them. They were all really helpful with questions I had. Bridgette Moore was really helpful as were the girls at the chamber of commerce. Everyone was really nice... it was so refreshing.

After my conversation with Natalie I could really tell how much dedication she has to making Natalie's Rascals a success. To ensure that she places the utmost importance on your pet's safety. If they are feeling stressed out during their time there, she'll give them some down time to become calm. 

I'm really thankful for my dad and my husband's help. They have been really awesome. My dad comes in and he'll help me clean. My husband helps me with all the technical stuff.

—Natalie Cornwell

Link to Natalie's Rascals website.
Natalie is really proud of her website, and especially the blogs she writes about the various aspects of grooming. Here are some topics she's covered, with links: 

Next time your furry friend needs a full groom, or even just a quick tidy up, give Natalie a call and ask her about the services she offers. If you happen to be shopping at Barons, or having some pizza at Stadium, take the short walk over and peek in. She may not be at the front desk, but she'll be able to see you on the CCTV and get to you right away.

​Fax: 951-678-6886
32294 Clinton Keith Road Suite 105 
Wildomar, CA 92595
Tues-Sat 9AM-5PM
Closed: Sunday's & Monday's
Holiday hours subject to change 
Link to FaceBook page
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Anyone who doesn't know what soap tastes like has never washed a dog. ― Franklin P. Jones


  1. My boy Todd loved it there and they made him look gorgeous!

  2. I'm happy she opned her shop in Wildomar! They did a great job grooming my Vinny :)


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