Saturday, October 24, 2015

• Troop 332 brings another Eagle Scout to Wildomar: Anthony Ramos

Anthony Ramos's Eagle Project was installing two community message boards. One at Windsong Park and the other at Heritage Regency Park. He finished this back in the Summer, and recently completed the rest of his requirements to attain Eagle Scout.

Today's ceremony, called an Eagle Court of Honor, started with a slide show that showed Anthony as the years went by, through his Eagle Scout project.

There were many speakers and the audience was filled with his family and friends. 
Charlie Zaepfel (left) and Doug Ames (right) assist Anthony Ramos with his new Eagle Scout neckerchief.

After the ceremony there were refreshments, including Costco pizza, and cake.

Here is a recent photo of Anthony's Eagle Scoutproject.

I had a chance to ask Anthony a couple of questions about his start in the scouts, his Eagle Project and his future plans.

WR: Tell me about your years in the scouts.
AR: I started at the age of ten. I was in San Diego and I went to the Scouts Store and I wanted a pocket knife and my dad made me a deal that I could get a pocket knife if I got my neckerchief in scouting. After a few years there (San Diego) I moved up here (Wildomar). Bridgette [Moore] came down and introduced me to the troop and help me crossover and ever since then I've been in scouts here.

WR: What are your plans after school?
AR: I'm going to join the Marine Corp after high school.

WR: Tell me about your Eagle Scout project.
AR: Bridgette [Moore] came up with the idea. She presented it to me at a Tuesday meeting. I liked the idea because I go to the park a lot and I was always wondering when there was going to be events in the city. So I decided to make two community boards. One at Windsong Park and one at Heritage Park.

WR: How did the fundraising go?
AR: I did a lot of fund raising. I sold things at school and my grandpa was a big blessing and he donated most of the money for my project. 

WR: Any major obstacles?
AR: A big obstacle was on the day of it, some of the measurements weren't correct and we had to remeasure everything. We were supposed to paint everything first, but we ended up having to paint it after [it was built]. 
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