Saturday, October 3, 2015

• Daniel Torres to the Rescue!

Daniel Torres is Wildomar's go to parks guy, and once alerted to the deteriorated condition of the recently installed bulletin boards at Windsong and Heritage Parks, he put them on his to do list, and hammered them out in no time flat.

Here's an image I sent to Mayor Pro-Tem Bridgette Moore just a few days ago,
showing the condition of the cork squares used for pinning announcements.
Here's is a look at the before and after once Daniel was on the job.

Looks a million times better now.

The bulletin board over at Regency Heritage Park was also in need of repair.

The bulletin boards were part of an Eagle Project. Initially the scout opted for several cork squares instead of one piece. Now we can see that between the pins, the Sun and the the moisture, this cork will probably need replacing at least every other year.

They sure look sharp now. If you have a community message you want to share... a garage sale perhaps, remember to use the bulletin boards, that's what they're there for.

So remember, if you see something that is amiss at one of the parks or other place that the city has jurisdiction over, instead of complaining about it, report it. This is OUR city, and the more sets of eyes we have out there, the better we can keep on top of things. The city employees, or City Council members for that matter, aren't mind readers. ☺

Thanks Daniel, job well done!

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