Wednesday, October 7, 2015

• State of the City 2015

Tonight was the State of the City presentation by Mayor Ben Benoit.

It started around 5:30PM, though many people were already there by 5:15. There was food provided by Los Reyes Mexican Restaurant, pizza by Pie Nation and chicken skewers by Old Market Grill for those that attended.
Alfredo Garcia looks on as Lake Elsinore Mayor Pro-Tem Brian Tisdale (left) waits for an enchilada. 

Many local dignitaries were on hand. Including State Senator Jeff Stone, Assembly Woman Melissa Melendez, County Supervisor Kevin Jeffries, representatives from Lake Elsinore and Temecula, and a host of others.
Chief of Wildomar Police Leonard Hollingsworth, Electra Demos of The Assistance League,
Mayor Pro-Tem Bridgette Moore and another person from The Assistance League whose name I didn't get.
The presentation started with Boy Scout Troop 332 leading the group in the Pledge of Allegiance. Followed by the singing of the national anthem by City Clerk Debbie Lee.
Brandon Benline and Debbie Lee go over specifics of the opening ceremonies.

Mayor Ben Benoit spoke for a little less than half an hour about the current state of Wildomar.

A key thing to take away from it is that we're not in debt, something many other cities can't claim.

He highlighted many coming projects, including Mount San Jacinto College (currently battling predictable litigation).

He also reminded us about the recent veto by Governor Brown of SB 25 that would have stopped diverting nearly $2,000,000 a year away from the city. A fight that will continue until it's returned.

 Part of Wildomar's A-Team, from L-R; Gary Nordquist, Leonard Hollingsworth, Thomas Jex, Dan York, Debbie Lee,
 Bridgette Moore, Ben Benoit, Marsha Swanson, Janet Morales, and Tim Walker. 

City Council Members: Mayor Pro-Tem Bridgette Moor, Mayor Ben Benoit, Tim Walker and Marsha Swanson.

A suggestion for next time. Let's work in a ringmaster of sorts that will corral people into photo ops. Someone that will be able to get people lined up for photos. It would have been great to get more posed pictures with those that attended.

I was very surprised that Council Member Bob Cashman was a no show. Though he never comes to city events, outside of the Bell Ringing (he's usually the MC for that one), I thought this would be different.

Thing is, at a recent city council meeting he went out of his way to say that he was now retired, and that he'd be able to spend more time concentrating on Wildomar. I guess he's waiting for a special occasion or something.

Sort of like on a classic Simpson's where Bart got Marge some perfume for her birthday and he asked her why she didn't put any on. Her response was, "I'm waiting for a special occasion."

With Bart's retort being, "what's more of a special occasion than your birthday?" 

Bringing it back to Wildomar, what's more special than the State of the City address?

Temecula City Council Member Maryann Edwards happened to be sitting next to me during the Mayor's presentation and afterward quipped after seeing Bob Cashman's name on the screen, "I don't know Bob Cashman, I haven't seen him at any event."

I smiled and said, "Yeah, he doesn't bother coming to city events."
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Dead people receive more flowers than the living ones because regret is stronger than gratitude.  
― Anne Frank

Wildomar Rap missed out on Pie Nation's pizza, but was happy to have a plate of Los Reyes' food... and yes, the whole enchilada was great.


  1. I will volunteer to be the photo ops person. Or help take pics n send em your way.

    1. We'll have to coordinate that. It's always good to have a team approach to big events.


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