Saturday, October 24, 2015

• Trunk or Treat 2015

The 2nd annual Trunk or Treat at Wildomar's Marna O'Brien Park was a big hit.

A look at the girls from the Operation Prom Girl station as Cami and Autumn were handing out candy.

There were 21 stations that were handing out candy from 6pm to 8pm and many were running low on candy, or completely out, by 7pm. The snack bar, which was run by Wildomar Rotary with proceeds going to resident Scott Rux who is awaiting a liver transplant, ran out of pizza and soda before it was all over.

Also, Scott's "Straight Outta Wildomar" shirts and coffee cups were available too. We got a black shirt.
A snapshot of the crush of people at about 6:45pm.

The families and kids comprised a great group. No pushing or shoving and plenty of thank yous. The entire event was a blast with Cub Scout Pack 332 having the best (so I say) haunted house. They used multiple E-Z Ups to create a little maze that was filled with strobe lights, mist and characters waiting behind every corner to scare you.
Even as it got darker the mass of people continued onward.

In addition to city manager Gary Nordquist, city staffer Janet Morales and parks man Daniel Torres in attendance, making things happen smoothly and on time, were city clerk Debbie Lee, Mayor Pro-Tem Bridgette Moore, council member Tim Walker (with his own candy distributing crew) and Mayor Ben Benoit and his family. Had to love Ben's Willy Wonka costume and that he came despite having hurt his foot earlier in the day.

The Wildomar Rap Haunted Bug was one of four winners in the best car costume contest.

Due to the popularity of this event, there were some thoughts for next year's event that included it being moved to the ballfield area, having some food trucks along and possibly a band.

I think it would be fun to have a photo booth too where we take pics of the trick or treaters and put them in a slide show.

With Halloween being on a Monday next year (remember 2016 is a leap year), Trunk or Treat could be just 2 days before Halloween instead of a week before. Mark your calendars now. :)

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I gotta rock. ―Charlie Brown

If Wildomar Rap were a piece of Halloween candy, it would be a family size bag of peanut m&m's.


  1. I'm a realtor, can I participate next year? Are we allowed to give out cards or marketing pieces?

    1. Yes, many of the "vendors" (for lack of a better word) were handing out cards or flyers. Though it's next year, contact Janet Morales of the city.

      Janet Morales
      Administrative Analyst
      Phone: 951-677-7751 x 210

  2. A big shout out to those who volunteered to host trunks and participate with their time. That is such a valuable resource to the community and without your dedication it wouldn't have been such a successful evening. THANKS for giving back to Wildomar!

    1. I agree with you, and hopefully it'll be an even larger event next year too.


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