Wednesday, December 16, 2015

• Eastvale Keeps Pushing

If you've been following the saga of Riverside's newest four cities: Wildomar, Menifee, Eastvale and Jurupa Valley. You know that several years ago Governor Jerry Brown chose to withhold promised moneys to them.

It was money that was factored into their very viability as cities at their time of incorporation. That being especially true for Wildomar and Jurupa Valley.

Brown did this in efforts to plug the holes in the state budget. That was years ago, when we were in the deepest part of The Great Recession. Fast forward to the eve of 2016 and California now has a bloated surplus forecast. Yet he allows the Riverside Four to struggle by keeping the funds up in the state capital.

At one point the budget deficit hit $26.6 billion, but since then...

This year
By the close of the fiscal year next June, California will have $7.9 billion in reserves, $3.3 billion more than expected.

Next year
In June 2017, the state could have $11.5 billion in reserves.

Governor Brown even has refused to return the pilfered funds, to the four cities, despite three pieces of legislation asking for it to be restored (the last two supported by 100% of the lawmakers in Sacramento).

However, there was another bill that made it to his desk (SB 107). This bill would pay off the start up costs the four cities incurred with the county. If you're not up on the back story here, please visit the blog written about it. Link Below.

Problem is, of the four cities, only Jurupa Valley still had a large debt, over $20 million. Wildomar owed about $1.2, Menifee a little over a million and Eastvale owed nothing. So when it came time to slice up the pie, Eastvale wasn't happy to be the one left standing in musical chairs.

The graph above shows that 90% of SB 107's money goes to Jurupa Valley.

Eastvale's attorney went so far as to say the following in a Daily Journal article.

There are few things less amusing than when a person leads off with the very statement they are just about to contradict. In this case, "It's not just sour grapes."

Oh sure, perhaps he's suggesting it's only 90% sour grapes by adding the modifier "just"?

At times like this, we need to look into Eastvale's eyes and say, "don't piss on us and tell us it's raining."

I have no idea if they actually will have a legal leg to stand on or not, but the very idea that they'd be willing for "everbody to lose as opposed to just three win[ning]" is very telling about the character of that city's leaders.

In a previous blog I compared Eastvale's actions to those of a bully with an "If I don't get any, you don't get any," attitude. It's almost scary how willingly their own officials admit to it. 

If I don't get any, you don't get any either!

There is a court date for this Friday. In the meantime, it's just more money going to pay for other people's greed. 
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“The buyer needs one hundred eyes, 
the seller can afford to be blind”
― George Herbert

Wildomar Rap isn't a fan of the Scott Farkuses of the world! 

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