Friday, December 18, 2015

• Press Enterprise Takes Swing At "Local Activist" In Editoral

There I was, having my usual breakfast of champions (espresso, a wedge of dark chocolate and the Press Enterprise → hard copy no less), when what do I see in their opinion section?

Wildomar being discussed at the top of the page. 

The topic was the Martha Bridges sue crew and their recent "unequivocal" loss in Riverside County Superior Court, in regards to her quixotic battle against higher education in Wildomar.

Her contention, in the voter pamphlet against Measure AA, was all about money, and what a hardship it would be to the residents as they would be obligated to pay $26 a year (based on property values of $200k).

Rarely has a list of more dubious names
been all seen in the same list.
The Press Enterprise editorial writer basically called her a liar with this statement.

Indeed, the Prima Facie evidence that her true motive was the lawsuit she filed last month, along with fellow serial litigant and co-plaintiff John Burkett, challenging the district's proposed purchase of 80 acres of land owned by the county in southern Wildomar.

Here is a link to the 2014 blog that covered the city council meeting where Measure AA was discussed. 

The editorial writers seemed to be channeling their inner Wildomar Rap as they concluded the editorial with these choice words.

Such an unequivocal ruling by the judge ought to persuade Ms. Bridges and Mr. Burkett from taking their legal challenge against the county and the community college district any further. But we suspect that the plaintiffs cannot help but to continue their dubious litigation until the bitter end.

Wildomar Rap summed it up this way days earlier: 

Now let's hope that the message sinks in, and that she doesn't look to delay the building of the college again. However, if Las Vegas laid odds on such things, I'd be betting that she has already worded her appeal and typed it up in triplicate.

Reads the same to me. 

Link to previous blog on this topic.
Another look at my "Mean Spirited" editorial cartoon of
the outcome of Ms. Bridges battle against MSJC.

I'm still looking for someone to lay odds on this. I smell the makings of an office pool. It'll be more fun than March Madness.

Some people around town have suggested that Wildomar Rap is beating a dead horse when it comes to this topic (people frivolously suing the city). If the horse was dead, I wouldn't be bothering with it.

I've been told that I'm being vindictive, mean and engaging in character assassination by posting the truth about what our city has had to deal with from a small group of geriatric malcontents. I'm fine with such silly suggestions, now toss those same fatuous accusations at the Press Enterprise editorial department too... M'kay?

•      •       

And come he slow, or come he fast,
It is but death who comes at last. 
― Sir Walter Scott

Wildomar Rap tip of the day: 
once you get a bad reputation, the only way to fix it is to STOP doing the things that got you there in the first place.


  1. Who the heck could claim character assassination when all you are doing is giving info on lawsuits(that are a matter of public record) and your own clearly stated opinions. It is a far cry from other bloggers who mistate facts and present opinion as fact. Until the crowd of lawsuit filers stops it is not "beating a dead horse" to inform Wildomar residents of what is going on our city.

    1. Without naming names, I remember quite distinctly one time when I posted the links to a PE story about Bridges suing the city in the Wildomar Facebook page, this being when she was still on the page, where I was called out about it.

      One misguided soul (not hard to guess who) criticized me because the link included a picture of her. As if I had control over the images that get included with links.

  2. Sad Martha really needs to move and get a real life. One she can call her own and take her flunkys with her. For God's sake let it go and enjoy your end years doing something nice instead of spite and causing misery for the City of Wildomar!
    Move on already.. your done over cooked. No one cares to hear any longer and stop STOP wasting taxpayers money with your foolishness!
    Enough no more!

    1. I remember having a dialog with her a couple of years ago at the Patch website. I remarked that I couldn't even imagine the mature women in my family ever engaging in such mindless pursuits.

      I challenge people to picture their mother, grandmothers or aunts (especially ones past 70 years old) doing such things... and on a constant basis too. It's mind-boggling when you think about it.

      As Lotsahelp from Patch used to say, "Sad and pathetic."


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