Thursday, January 14, 2016

• City Council Meeting January 2016

The biggest news that came from the city council meeting actually happened before it was officially in "open session" when the city attorney, Thomas Jex, disclosed that Wildomar was on track to switch it's election of city council members from "at large" to "districts".

At the meeting I learned from EVMWD board member, Andy Morris, that the "No Car Washing" ban has been lifted. Now you can wash your cars in your driveways again... providing that you use a nozzle on the hose.

The first order of business was the ceremonial passing of the gavel from the outgoing mayor, Ben Benoit, to the incoming mayor, Bridgette Moore.
Ben Benoit passes the gavel to Bridgette Moore as Tim Walker looks on.
Next order of business was a presentation to 2105 mayor Ben Benoit. His name will be added to a plaque that hangs in the city hall offices.
We're going to have to work on keeping eyes opened next time. ☺
From here there were two Eagle Scout presentations

• Troop 2011's Travis Pipoly for his work on graffiti cleanup at Ortega Falls.

• Ashton Christensen assembled and installed a shade structure for River Springs Charter School in Lake Elsinore.

Public Comments on Non Agenda items
• Glenn Copple spoke about December's Original Christmas Tree Lane event and that they raised $10,005.
• Ken Mayes spoke about the Measure Z audit from December, and "where it's hiding".

Consent Calendar 1.6 Vacancies on the Measure Z Committee
Consent calendar items are usually rubber stamp items, things that don't need debating. However, a council member, or a member of the public, may ask to speak about them.

This item was about the fact that there will be three vacancies on the Measure Z Oversight Committee.

• Ken Mayes spoke about response to the previous year's vacancies that didn't garner much interest from the public. I'm uploading the short video of his comment because I think there's a point about trying to get more participation in our city government.

I'm not sure of the best method to advertise such openings, but it's difficult to fill seats when there is such apathy among those that are qualified. It's easy to chirp about it, but a lot harder to step up and volunteer your time.

Also, the talk is that one of the planning commissioners will be relocating some time this year. It sure would be good to make a coordinated effort so that there isn't a time when one of the seats on the commission is sitting empty.

The next several agenda items were things that should have been in the Consent Calendar if you ask me, but there's probably a law why such things are necessary to go through. It has to do with Community Facilities Districts (CFDs).

All passed unanimously, though on item 2.3 council member Tim Walker had to recuse himself since he lives within 500 feet of the property in question.

3.2 Wildomar Little League Ball Field Modifications
The league is wanting to convert one of the fields at Marna O'Brien Park to what is know as a 50/70 field. A traditional Little League field is 46/60. That is, 46 feet from pitcher's mound to home plate and 60 feet bases. Professional baseball, and high school too, is 60'6"/90'.

The modification is for the age group just above Little League, which starts at age 13.

They want to install a pitcher's mound and install moorings for bases at 70 feet. The existing base pegs will remain in the ground. Theoretically, if another division of baseball or softball wanted to use the field, they still would be able to... providing there was no scheduling conflict.

The big issue is foul balls going into the local residents' yards. The league has demonstrated that they have the proper insurance to cover damages from balls going over the fence.

The league will be bearing the cost for building and maintaining the pitcher's mound.

Good luck to them, but I've been a lifelong baseball player... until my mid 40's, and there is nothing worse than playing on a grassless infield without a home run fence, but sometimes you've got to take what's available.

This passed without a hitch.

3.3 Special Events and Recreation Program Dates
This is where the unveiling of the 2016 parks events calendar was revealed. Below is a snapshot of the schedule, along with a couple of other last minute editions.

Also not in the list is the Relay For Life 24 hour walk marathon that was sadly double booked on the same weekend as the Ultimate BBQ Showdown. Two big events, at the same time, right within a mile of each other... oy vey. 

Before anyone gets the wrong idea here, they relay didn't consult with the city for best days for their event. It was suggested that they consider bumping it a weekend, but something about MORP being on one weekend and a pep rally on the other (location of the Relay for Life event is at Elsinore High School).

This is what happens when people don't dot the i's and cross the t's. The bright side is that after the BBQ you can always mosey on over to the Relay event to see what's up there. 

The schedule will finish being hammered out and you'll always be able to know what's coming if you sign up for the city's Stay Connected option.

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There comes an hour of sadness,
The setting of the sun.
Not for sins committed,
But for things I have not done.
— unknown

Wildomar Rap tip of the day: Don't cross your eyes while dotting your tees.

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