Wednesday, January 6, 2016

• Planning Commission Meeting Jan 2016

Here's what came from tonight's planning commission meeting.

2.1 Horizons Mixed Use Project
• We're getting 138 townhouses, not apartments, in a gated community called Horizons.
• A Senior Living project with 54 skilled nursing beds and 32 assisted living spots.
• This comes with about 100 permanent jobs.

This came to the planning commission last year. The big change that I see from then to now is that what used to be apartments, are now condos... or as they're calling them: townhouses. 

They come in clusters of two, three or four. I can't think of too many, if any, of these types of homes currently in W'mar.
Project map.

There were five resolutions necessary to send this to council. They all passed 5-0.

2.2 Grove Park Mixed Use Project
The next set of things coming our way include 162 apartment units.
  • 48 - 1 BR @ 735sf
  • 90 - 2 BR @ 1064sf
  • 14 - 3 BR @ 1281sf
• An estimated 270 full and part time permanent jobs.
• 1.3 acres of oak groves preserved (without fencing).
• 1.8 acres of a public park (which is about the size of Windsong Park).
Project map. Grove Park is located off of Clinton Keith Road and Yamas Drive.
The commercial retail will be off of Clinton Keith Road, while the apartments will be on the southerly 10 acres. The oak grove preserve and the park will be on the eastern parts of the property on Yamas Drive.
The dotted line represents the trail through the property.
While listening to the description of the project, my ears perked up when I heard Public Park. I heard it three times and when I didn't hear any clarifications as to what that really meant, I went up to the microphone to ask if it was a real public park or a fake public park that is chained off. There's a video below of the key parts of the exchange.
A shot of part of the presentation for Grove Park.

As you can see in the image above, this park is clearly marked as a Public Park.

Thanks Strata Equity Group.

Watch the short video below to hear Strata Equity Group's Eric Flodine mention "Public Park" three and a half times... then watch me ask the commission if I heard it correctly.

This too had five resolutions that all passed without a hitch. Next stop is the City Council.

After the meeting I approached Eric Flodine,  thanked him for the new park, and asked when it was likely that they'd be able to get the first shovel in the ground. Thing is, I know that's not a very fair question in the modern world, especially in California, so I settled for a non-answer answer of a couple of years.

Despite the kicking and screaming of a few malcontents, Wildomar is actually inching itself forward into modernity.

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― EG Marshall (CBS Radio Mystery Theater)

Wildomar Rap tip of the day: If you're going to be a Hangnail Psychologist remember to get a manicure first.


  1. What classifies someone as a malcontent? Lots of us don't want Wildomar to turn into a place crowded with tract houses, small lots, shopping centers everywhere, horrible traffic and no country feel. Does opposing some projects qualify someone as a malcontent? I sure hope not. Modernity is one thing but cramming people or projects in with no concern for the other residents and property owners is another thing. Or are you saving the malcontent label for those who sue and hate EVERY project?

    1. "Does opposing some projects qualify someone as a malcontent?"

      In addition to the tried and true Cantankerotti, I'm talking about people that like to shake their fist at the council, or planning commission, threatening them if they don't comply with their demands, as their voice gets very tremulous at the same time.


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