Sunday, January 3, 2016

• A Snapshot Of What's In Store For Wildomar In 2016

Before 2016 could get into full gear I wanted to ask the mayor, Bridgette Moore, for her take on the year ahead. I tracked her down at a pancake fundraiser, and here is her "snapshot" of what is in store for the city in 2016.

El Niño
January through March will be all about storm prep as El Niño is set to bring us one storm after another. There may be another sandbag event. The costs for each event is about $6000.

There will be a parks subcommittee meeting this week, Wednesday January 6th at 5:00pm, where the year's parks event calendar will be set. This is a less formal meeting than a regular city council meeting, and if you have an opinion about the parks it would be a good time to get involved.

Among the various park events there will be
  • Rotary BBQ in April
  • Egg Hunt in March
  • Bicycle Safety Event
  • Movies in the park (not sure how many this year, probably fewer)
  • A concert in the park
  • Astronomy Night Star Party
  • Trunk or Treat
  • Breakfast with Santa at the fire station

Housing Development
Development will remain strong throughout 2016. There are about 900 single family homes that have approved subdivision maps.

Areas include developments 
Below is a map from 2014 that lists the active projects in the city at that time.

Commercial Development
About 250,000sf of commercial/office/retail development is in the process of development; of which 50,000sf of it will be under construction in 2016.

Walmart Update
The lawsuit against them should be received in February/March. The anticipated construction start is 2017.

MSJC update
Draft EIR in 2016.
The project will provide about 500,000sf of classroom facilities ofver a 20 year period.

Capital Improvements
  • Bundy Canyon Road engineering design to be completed in 2016.
  • Collier Elementary School sidewalk improvements from Union to Corydon to be constructed.
  • Almond Ave and Bundy Canyon (from Almond to Subway) sidewalk improvements.
  • Lateral C-1/Refa St storm drain (near Palomar and McVicar) to be constructed.

Issues that will be coming before the council 
There is a March 30th deadline for city's to have regulations in place about medical marijuana. The last time this issue came before the council, Bridgette Moore was the mayor then too.

There will be time for opinions on this later on.

I just suggest that if you have an opinion about it, you get it honed to under three minutes and plan on attending an all-nighter city council meeting, that is looming in the not too distant future.

Personal Goals
  • More bus stop shelters and a continued push for additional RTA bus routes in the city.
  • Continue with CERT quarterly meetings.
  • Encourage community involvement.
  • Provide different events than the previous two years.

Though the filing date isn't until July, she's confirmed that she'll be running for reelection this year too.

If you've ever met our 2016 mayor, you quickly see how concerned she is for others. We're fortunate to have such a dedicated servant willing to put her all in for Wildomar.

Even facebook shows how much that Bridgette Moore is concerned with Wildomar.
It's a lot easier to write a Year in Review than it is to write about things that haven't happened yet, but I wanted to take a stab at it anyway. Hopefully, as 2016 comes to a close, Mayor Moore will give us her take on how the year went.

Use this link to get to the city's Stay Connected option.
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I'm big enough to admit I am often inspired by myself. 
― Leslie Knope (Parks and Recreation, NBC)

Wildomar Rap tip of the day: put scissors into a protective sheath and you can run as fast as you want to while carrying them.

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