Tuesday, March 22, 2016

• City's Internet Server Set For Upgrade

During the March city council meeting it was revealed that the city got a $39,814 grant from WRCOG (Western Riverside County of Governments). 

It's part of a BEYOND Framework Fund Program, which was launched last year by WRCOG..

The purpose of the program is "to provide local assistance funding to help its member agencies develop and implement plans and programs that can improve the quality of life in Western Riverside County."

This year's pie was $1.8M for the entire region.

The presentation to the city council was given by Administrative Annalist, Janet Morales (pronounced like Janette). 

Program funding can be used towards developing plans or implementing projects that meet the Economic Development and Sustainability Framework Goals. The City received approval on February 11th, 2016 to implement the following projects: 

  • Enhance the current website or build a new website that is more stable, easily updated, informative, user and environmentally friendly, has the capacity to provide instant updates and enhanced automated services than are currently available. 
  • Replace the current server which will expand our data storage capacity for even more online features. 
  • Implement accounts receivable module to increase online payment capacity and reduce trips to City Hall. Funding is a non-matching 100 % reimbursable grant. The Project must be completed within 18 months of the signed agreement.

I had a chance to ask her a couple of questions about the project.

 WR:  What might the "enhancements" to the current website look like to the average Wildomar resident?

 JM:  The enhancements will be more information, more interactive, a better calendar than we have now. 

Right now we have a webmaster that has to update everything. With this new website, staff will be able to [make updates] so information will be up there quicker. 

Visually it (the city's website) will look nicer than it is right now. We'll have more photos, [reports of] activities going on. We'll have permit availability, and be able to take payments as well.

 WR:  In your presentation you mentioned replacement of the server, what does that mean, and where is it at the moment?

 JM:  The server, right now, sits in our server room on site. The current one we have supports our existing Eden system, which is what we use for permits, finance and code enforcement. 

Now that we're adding a new module, we're going to need a bigger server for more space. The server is the only one that is compatible with our system, so we need that. 

We'll also be able to store more information on our system, which will allow us to put more information on the website.

This was the image I got when I googled "EDEN System."

 WR:  I heard mention of an "Implementation of an accounts receivable module." Same question as before, what does that mean to the average Wildomar resident, what kind of changes come with these improvements?

 JM:  It's another addition component to our finance software. Right now we have accounts payable, where we process invoices and checks. 

Accounts receivable is being able to receive payments. This is a system that will help us track and do online payments.

 WR:  Are there any time tables when this will be started and completed?

 JM:  Our goal is to start in June, and be completed by December. 

•        •        •

It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop. 
— Confucius

If Wildomar Rap were an internet server, it would NOT resemble an AMC Gremlin or Pacer.

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  1. I especially like your Confucius quotes. I wish our council and planning commission would use this in deciding the Camelia Communities Project.


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