Sunday, March 27, 2016

• Easter Egg Hunt at Windsong Park

The banner you may have seen promoting the event.
There was a pretty good turn out at an Easter egg hunt event at Windsong park, sponsored by the Onello Group (Real Estate).

Since it was right down the block from our casa, we strolled on down at about 11:00am to see what it was all about.

It was amazing to see the park so full on a holiday morning. 

There were several inflatables for kids to play on, popcorn, professional pictures with the Easter Bunny, a DJ playing tunes and a kiddy train that picked up new passengers about every five minutes. 

Then there was the egg hunt. 

Let me take a step back for a second and ask, how can it be a "hunt" when the eggs are right there on top of the turf?

When I was a kid, half the fun/battle was finding the HIDDEN eggs... but I digress.
The kids had fun collecting the plastic, treat filled eggs.
The only negative thing to report, from this popular event, was that one of the neighbors called the police, complaining of several things.
Wildomar's park security discussing things with event promoter Joseph Onello.
It seemed that the music was too loud and they also took issue with the kiddy train being on the actual basketball court, instead of just the sidewalk. 

The security officer was as professional as a person could be, that was called out to, essentially, bust up a well publicized community party for kids. 

Onello is the kind of member of the community we'd all love to have live on our block. He didn't hesitate to lower the music (though there was no need to) and they rerouted the train away from the playing surface.

His point in hosting this event was to bring the community together, not cause consternation among the locals.

He lives in District 5. Though they have a fine council member right now, Marsha Swanson, a conscientious person like Onello, also a veteran, would be someone that would inspire confidence if he were to run in the future.

When I mentioned that to him, he did one of those raised eyebrow moves, didn't respond directly, but thanked me for the kind words. 

Either way, a big thanks from the community to the Onello Group for putting this on.

•        •        •

Last up was seeing the new enclosure for the porta-potty at the park. 

This was an Eagle Project by Ryan Bellinghausen. 

I was there, holding up a shovel, when Troop 332 was busy digging the footing(s) for it, but had no idea what it was going to look like in the end. I'm so glad that ugly old black fence got taken down too.

There is a ribbon cutting ceremony this week, recognizing the completion of the project.

I did notice that those brackets holding the posts to the concrete, did appear to have some sharp edges on them. A bit of filing will knock those off in no time.

•        •        •

Easter Egg hunts prove that your child CAN find things when they want to.

If Wildomar Rap were to host an Easter Egg hunt, it would either be where the eggs were actually hidden, or one billed as Full Contact where the kids looked like they were ready to tryout for the NFL or Supercross.

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