Thursday, March 31, 2016

• Upgrades Slated For Marna O'Brien Park

There were a few interesting tidbits of info at the most recent Wildomar Parks Subcommittee meeting.

Key among them is that the ornamental water tower at Marna O'Brien park is going to get a face lift... or more accurately, a wrap.

The first image is from 2011. The second one is how it currently looks. The bottom two are PhotoShop specials giving an idea of how it might look once it's done.

On the lower left is a shot with the image that was in the agenda packet, though it was decided that Wildomar shouldn't get top billing, and possibly have the entire lettering in white. So I made a quick mock up of how that may look, which is the fourth panel.
Artwork from the agenda packet.
The new signage should be installed before the Rotary BBQ that is scheduled for April 16th.
•        •        •

Also discussed for Marna O'Brien park is the need to bring the snack bar up to code (environmental health requirements). 

You should see the laundry list of things the inspectors have in mind, just to be able to sell hot dogs and pizza made elsewhere. I'll attach the info that was in the agenda packet. 

You'd think that there was a restaurant there or something.
Hopefully it's legible. If not, it's on the city's website as part of
the agenda packet for the Parks Subcommittee meeting.

Some of the things listed are simply ridiculous, but in our brave new world, that seeks to protect people from themselves, this kind of nanny state intervention is to be expected. 

I can't imagine how much it would cost to get all of those things installed, but I can guarantee you none of it would be cheap, and will likely raise the prices of snacks to the point that it may not even be worth it for some groups to apply to run it during city events.

This isn't a front burner issue, and isn't slated to get done anytime soon, but I just thought I'd share with you some the things the city has to deal with.

•        •        •

June 4th there is to be a Community Health and Fitness Fair at Marna O'Brien Park, and an ALS 5K run is planned too.

The former is fairly self explanatory, but I'll have to get more info about the 5K. 

I've run about ten of those in my life and have been to events in San Clemente and Carlsbad where there were a veritable sea of runners, for every age group, and I've also been to a few that didn't even have 100 participants total.

With such a short window before the June 4th date here's to hoping for the best, and that they can gather a good deal of interest. 

•        •        •

Last on the list is an addendum to the last blog. The one regarding the Easter Egg Hunt at Windsong park. (link)

It was a fun time for all, except for the immediate neighbors that live around the park, that dealt with parking issues and music that was above the legal limit. 

If you read my blog, you saw where I praised the promoter, Joseph Onello, for his readiness to correct the decibel output of the music; he's a good guy.

What we didn't know was that city permits for the event were never gotten. Ouch! Say it ain't so Joe!

Imagine that, putting on such a grand party and not getting a permit. Which would have addressed the music levels and parking issues before they happened. 

Other Joseph, next time at least go with the Ron Swanson homemade permit, a la Parks & Recreation, that says, "I can do what I want."

•        •        •

Leslie, I tried to make ramen in the coffee pot and I broke everything.
Andy Dwyer

Wildomar Rap isn't something that get's put around ornamental water towers at local parks.

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