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• City Council Meeting June 2016

The newsworthy nuggets from the June city council meeting start with Administrative Analyst Janet Morales getting a five year pin. 

In addition to her duties at city hall, if you've ever been to a parks event, you have to thank her for helping them come to fruition.

Janet Morales (pronounced Jenette) showing her 5 year pin and Mayor Bridgette Moore.
Public Comments
These are on items NOT on the agenda.

• Kenny Mayes spoke about having the council chambers used as a second cooling station on hot days. Currently, the only one in town is at Lakeview Chapel.

•Miss Miller reminded people that the election is not over yet, then went into song about the virtues of being a progressive.

• Erin Hartley spoke about her experience with the ALS-ONE 5k held the Saturday before. They raised nearly $4000 for their charity.

The consent calendar is a merciful invention that consolidates many agenda items that don't need debate, into one simple up or down vote. 
However, a councilmember or —member of the public— can ask to have an item "pulled" so they can talk about it.

Public Comments on Consent Calendar items

• Miss Miller. No singing here, but a bit of back and forth with the council and I could have sworn she suggested that Bernie Sanders was going to fix the Brown House after getting funds out of the Cadmen [sic] Islands. Watch the video and you decide.

She also encouraged veganism and sent a zinger Councilmember Walker's way, comparing their relative sizes at the 0:40 mark of the video. 

• Kenny Mayes touched on the Freedom Swing's re-installation at Marna O'Brien park, and whether it's been properly certified/inspected yet.  

○       ○       ○

2.2 FY 2016/17 Budget Amendments 
There has been a yearly hit to the budget based on reduced 
Gas Company franchise fee that is paid to the city. It's gone from about $58,000 per year to just $1600 per year.

There were also increases for fire and police services, as indicated in the image below.

It appears to zero out due to the debt payment to the county being eliminated by last year's AB 107, with a projected surplus of $9,400.

3.1 Planning Commissioner appointment
There had been six applications submitted for the open seat and Councilmember Marsha Swanson chose someone that has lived in Wildomar for 36 years, Kim Strong. 

She will be sworn in at the next Planning Commission meeting, and will serve out the term vacated by former Commissioner Gary Brown, which ends at the end of 2018.

3.2 General Election November 8, 2016
As city clerk Debbie Lee pointed out, elections normally go under the consent calendar. 

However, this being Wildomar's first City Council election since being forced to divide the city into districts, and her first "by districts" election in her 26 years as a city clerk, she wanted to go over the parameters.

Not all voters in Wildomar will be getting a ballot that has a city council race on it. Actually, most voters will NOT be voting for a coucilmember this year. Only districts 2 and 4, which are currently being held by Councilmembers Moore and Cashman.

Debbie Lee went on to explain that though Bridgette Moore is the mayor for 2016, the election is for a Councilmember, not a Mayor.

If you live in either district 2 or 4, and are thinking about a run for a City Council seat, starting July 18th you'll have two weeks to file the paperwork. 

As an aside, if you live in district 4 (Bridgette Moore's area) and are thinking about a run for City Council, allow me to suggest you have your head examined. 

Thanks to the misanthropy of some self styled community activists, the districts in Wildomar have become de facto safe seats for any councilmember that puts in more than a perfunctory showing.

After the meeting I asked Councilmember Cashman if he was planning on running and he didn't give me a yes or a no. 

He wants to cogitate on it a bit more. He mentioned that he's been active in the community for 35 years and hinted that maybe that's enough.

Many people do not know which district that they live in. Check the map below and find out.

Key to Districts
  1. Ben Benoit
  2. Bob Cashman
  3. Tim Walker
  4. Bridgette Moore
  5. Marsha Swanson
City Manager Report
• There is a trail subcommittee meeting slated for June 20th. 
• Yellow Basket is said to be opening in mid June. 

•        •        •

Anyone can get old, all you have to do is live long enough.
— Groucho Marx

Wildomar Rap's misanthropy is reserved for active misanthropes.

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