Thursday, June 9, 2016

• Yellow Basket Set To Open

It's been many months in the making, but I have it on good authority that Yellow Basket will finally be opening for business... very soon!
Get a last look at this empty parking lot before they open for business.

They plan on joining the Wildomar Chamber of Commerce and having a big grand opening shortly, but in the meantime they have a soft opening slated for 3:00pm Sunday June 12th.
Just as the sun was about to set, June 9th 2016.

No fanfare on Sunday, just food and people eager to get a taste of their food. 

Yellow Basket has been mentioned in Wildomar Rap several times. Last August was the first time, and at that time, the hope was to open by October, 2015.
Yellow Basket as it looked in August 2015.

The next blog that Yellow Basket was discussed in was a week before Christmas 2015. At that time they were hoping to have their doors opened by February, 2016.

How Yellow Basket looked in December 2015.

Then last night at the city council meeting Gary Nordquist, City Manager, mentioned that Yellow Basket was due to open sometime this month. Looks like this time it's for real... hope to see you there. 

Located on the western side of the freeway in Renaissance Plaza, 32310 Clinton Keith Rd, Wildomar, CA 92595, USA.
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Now when it comes to GoNuts Donuts (in the Stater Bros shopping center)... that's a different story. I peaked in the window there just yesterday and it seems a long way from opening.
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