Wednesday, June 22, 2016

• RTA 25¢ All Summer

Calling all parents! 

If your school age child is looking for something different to do this Summer, or you just want them out of the house for a few hours, consider taking an RTA bus trip for just a quarter.

I was at a T-Now meeting (Transportation Now), and spoke to RTA rep Eric Ustation about the program.

I asked who this program is targeted at and he told me, "Students, grade 1 through 12, with a valid student ID, or some proof that you're a student, and you can board any bus that goes anywhere, except for dial-a-ride. Commuter link, fixed route, go to the beach, go to the mall, go wherever we go."

This is valid through September 10th, 2016. 

I know that the world has changed a lot since I was a kid (when riding buses all over town was the norm), and many parents don't seem to give their kids much freedom these days, but if you're not one that has your child perpetually swaddled in bubble wrap, think about sending them off on an adventure for the afternoon. 

It'll be fun, just like it was when we were that age.

•        •        •

 — Bugs Bunny to the toll taker at the Panama Canal, 8 Ball Bunny, 1950 

Wildomar Rap reminds you: that all the bubble wrap in the world won't keep your kid from running you through the ringer... at least once.

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