Saturday, June 25, 2016

• New Ice Maker/Ribbon Cutting

What better setting than a warm (on its way to being hot) morning for a ribbon cutting highlighting the opening of a new, stand alone, filtered water and ice maker in Wildomar.

A modest crowd watched as the Wildomar Chamber of Commerce welcomed a new member, Kooler Ice, which installed a stand alone ice maker in the Elks Lodge parking lot. 
People lining up for ice on a hot June morning.
Below you can see the interface, which includes a variety of ways to pay, including credit/debit card.

After the ribbon cutting I asked Craig McIlroy, Western Regional Director of Sales for Kooler Ice, some specifics about the new machine.
The machine is self contained and it automatically makes and bags ice in about 12 seconds. It also has a reverse osmosis system that purifies the water, and makes it real clean. 
All the drainage that's created from the machine actually is pumped into a tank so we can use to irrigate, so nothing goes wasted; so it's a very green effect machine.
Even the ice maker on top has got the Energy Star rating. 
Craig McIlroy along with Mayor Bridgette Moore.

My only concern would be vandalism. If Wildomar has seen its wheelchair swing vandalized, and a boy scout trailer stolen —then thrashed (which was housed within 100 yards of this spot), I have to imagine that this bright and shiny machine will become a prime target for hooligans. 
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