Saturday, July 9, 2016

• Wildomar Birthday Bash 2016

The evening had an inauspicious start with police activity, including a circling helicopter, centered at the nearby business Round Up gas station. There were a flurry of false rumors about the incident on FaceBook, including that it was a hostage situation and that the park event had been cancelled.

Ahhhh, Social Media... can't live with it, and you can't live without it. 

A quote from the Press Enterprise on the incident:
A patrol car driver's side window shattered for an unknown reason and the Riverside County sheriff's deputy behind the wheel was taken to a local hospital as a precaution.
A shot of the RSO helicopter as it flew overhead.
Other than that hiccup, the park event went off without any further ado. 

An estimated 300 people gathered, looked at classic cars, visited various vendor booths, ate hot dogs, drand some beer, kids jumped in a bounce house, made giant bubbles, got their faces painted, visited with family and friends as they listened to some great music.

In attendance were several of the city council members and some of the local pageant girls known as Wildomar Queens.
Mayor Bridgette Moore (fuschia shirt) as she gets the festivities started.  
On the grass Council Members Marsha Swanson  (middle, navy blue shirt) and Bob Cashman (black shirt) 
and Mayor Pro-Tem Tim Walker (far right).

There were 24 cars on display. Most cars were from the car clubs, Cadillac Kings of Temecula and Drifters Car Club. 

The band that played was a high end Beach Boys tribute band - Catch A Wave. Their talent is crazy good as they were the same band that played last year as the Beatles tribute band - Paperback Writer.

Below is a short video of the band singing Happy Birthday to Wildomar.

Link to blog about last year's concert. You have to see the picture of "the lads".
A panoramic look at the crowd as the band started playing.

Also in attendance was Riverside County Supervisor Kevin Jeffries, and Democrat candidate Tim Sheridan running for US Congress.
•        •        •

I remember having this friend in school who said she didn't like the Beach Boys. And in that moment I knew we couldn't be friends anymore.

—Zooey Deschanel

Wildomar Rap tip of the day: You can go out with either Rhonda or Barbara Ann, but NEVER both at the same time... especially if they are California Girls.


  1. In light of the happenings of the last week across this country, one has to wonder, was it a wise decision, to continue this event
    Not 1300 feet up the road, is what was at the time referred to as, an unknown cause for a shattered window on a patrol car and a deputy being transported to an area hospital. That area less than a quarter of a mile away from the park was crawling with deputies, a helicopter was in the air (so long they had to bring in another so the first could refuel 4 1/2 hours of fly time). That helicopter was the only inkling people had of the goings on for over two hours before the local rag finally posted anything. People trying to attend this event from the south on Palomar were turned around or diverted near the cemetery on Gruwell. Coming from the north they were turned around on Mission Trail well before the turn-off to the park. One had to basically sneak in from the backside.
    Where was our Mayor, at a party. On facebook the word was party on. A party where attendees were corralled in because of the beer garden. I can almost bet the Wildomar Chief of Police was not at this event, as dozens of deputies and canine units were not either, they were busy trying to find the cause of one of their own being injured. In hindsight it all worked out but could easily have been much different.
    ‘Tis better to err on the side of caution than to regret it later.

    1. It's hard to argue with that. I'm guessing that had Wildomar's chief of police told the city to shutter the event, they would have done so as quickly as possible.

    2. It's hard to argue with that? I think it is easy to argue with most of it. Police were right around the corner if a problem, a beer garden is generally crowded and had the police felt it to be unsafe they would have shut it down. And is ken trying to imply that our mayor, who does more positive things for our city and the people in it in one week than ken has done in the years since I became aware of him, is he saying that she was remiss in attending the city event or that she didn't care about the safety of our citizens? No one had to "sneak in" they had to take a different route. So again I say there is plenty to argue with in the misleading and snide insinuations above. Our city staff and council members care about this city and the safety of all.

  2. I went to the park event last night fully knowing what was going on at Roundup. It was a great time for all. I enjoyed the music and for a few hours was able to get my mind off of the problems in this country. Thank you City of Wildomar!

    1. Turns out it had nothing to do with the Round Up establishment. Enjoy Shangri la.

  3. Oh ty for the positive and informative blog.

    1. Your rebuttal to Ken Mayes' points were solid. My "It's hard to argue with that" was directed to his generalization of "‘Tis better to err on the side of caution than to regret it later."

      As verbose as I can be, at times I'm not up to it.


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